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And so, you know, when you're a kid learning history in Canada, you know, who James Naismith is it's important so it's really such a proud moment for the country, especially when, you know, our national sport is lacrosse, but really it's hockey. Let's be real. You know, there isn't a household in Canada. That doesn't. Have the NHL hockey night in Canada on and with Don cherry, right? Juries. He's the best second you and, you know, I it's really cool. Just saying this whole thing. Yeah. And then, then the representation Colli Leonard to be so humble and, you know, I'll never forget Doris the great Doris Burke interviewing him and I don't want to be a hero. Every kid if I'm a parent haven't blessed to be yet, hopefully, but every kid, every parent, should like play that back for their kids. I don't wanna be the hero. I want to be the best team in. It can be, you know, in for, you know, superstar giant athlete like that to say it, it's kind of Canadian those a sense of humility to that. I loved it. So you fits up there in Toronto. It's a good fit for, for him a lobbyist Lee. Nobody knows what he thinks about what's good fit for him. Everyone thinks he's coming here to, to Los Angeles. And the town will I mean, he wouldn't have to apparently he could live rent, free and food, free and drink free. The rest of his life based up there in Toronto. And that's not a joke. Like literally, there's a combine in dine, and that there's a sticker and everyb- every window every restaurant and what was it? The three million dollar condo that, that somebody off is really. Nice. Right. So it's it seems like a good fit up there. Obviously they won the championship. But in sports, you know, rich nothing nothing ever can is a permanent fit. So we'll see what happens..

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