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Them. He tricks them with the full spiner because he paints a picture so terrifying knows emotional. They'll go the other but anyone who's ever looked at any dictator saddam hussein assad in syria. This is what they always say like. You know without me. They'll be kale since the ability. That i would say that actually does the nuance to building. Something different he knows nothing else is going to happen and actually he's a bit like have you watched like mike carey's lucifer graphic the graphic no. I've read comics. Haven't read his book so the lucifer the gruff novel that he brought us comments abassi like lucifer wants to meet. Hello yeah very similar to like this character like he remains because he's created this whole world but it bores him because he wants to experience something fresh and new kangol remains in. This wants to experience. Free will right but still wants to retain control is why he gives the binary choice. He wants the free willy fritsch choices that he gives are the choices to allow himself to be set free. He says that basically either on the tv. Let me call for do my thing or you leave me in charge. But there's other choices right now. He gives us choices because he doesn't want them to embrace anything else because dot could diminish his power in an unknown world or realm right. He knows he knows his other options out there. But candidates his power or diminishes. Freedom doesn't want to maintain them which is why loki location localization of vital dots gonna come back to be the most important five seconds of the face for locus hesitation. Because when loki gets to to the tv or the other version of it. He knows what they've done. So let's dig into that. Because i think a big theme this entire series has been free. Well not who gets to take it away. Who gets to wield it. Should it be for everyone when loki when they pluck loki out of new york. He's only a couple of hours removed from trying to enslave the entire world and thinking that free will is chaos. And i think the thing that rivonia says when she's like only one person gets free will the one in charge. Speak so much to like everything that this series has been trying to grapple with because we go from loki transitioning from new york to realizing fighting for free well for fighting for the people in the tv to know about what's happened to them and he wants even in that moment when sylvie when he's fighting what is actually fighting for her is for hurts like actually make a choice with all of the information that she has not one. That's purely based on emotion. He's like. Let's take some time. Because i think i say this to everyone. I think the one of the most precious commodities that we have is time and often the time to make decisions because when tragedy strikes. We feel like we don't have time. Everything happened so so so fast. We have to make so many snap decisions. People don't realize in life so much what people really need more of the time and that's the thing that loki is trying to give silvia in that moment like let's just have time to figure out what we can do. But she can't think pastor tragedy passer trauma pass her life all she wants. Is this one thing. And i think that's such a beautiful thing of free will of like lucky is about free will but it's also about what what free will.

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