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Had, leda goes to Cruz and Sue. They sell. They can't afford to keep them. Okay, so that's the Concacaf Champions League. Let's talk about that other Champions League here. The one that goes across across the pond over there. The UEFA Champions League Real Madrid and Chelsea in the quarterfinals first like Wednesday at Stanford bridge in case you live under a rock. Real Madrid won the game three one hat trick from carim Ben sima Kai Havertz with the Chelsea gold Christian Pulisic, Scott the start, played 64 minutes as well. Hook, I wonder what you made of his performance. I should note le keep the French paper gave him a two out of ten and called him one of the flops of the game alongside Thiago Silva. It keeps it that. Why didn't you say so? Leke said it. All right. Well, it's gold. It must be true. They said it. You know what? Let's go to lickey. Our good friends at the athletic did a favor for me. They translated the little caption that Lake had when their little score. They gave him a two, right? This is what they said. The caption explaining the rating. Thank you to my good friends at the Atlantic. We do not know where he was and not many people saw him. It's true. That he was not helped on the left wing by a low attacking contribution from a right footed aspect. With Marcos Alonso, he would have had more support, more spaces, ghostly and substituted a halftime. Which was quite merited, they said, my man played till the 64th minute. What came were they watching? Substituted a half time. So take your keep somewhere else, okay? These ratings are so stupid. I'm tired of these. I'm trying to suffer. Be pro football. I'm still a tasty, so how can you start? Are you serious? Are you.

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