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Of that and is bitcoin. The new goal or is it. One of the biggest market bubbles in history. We'll check in with keith. Wineman presidential wealth management when he joins us run around seven. Thirty four seven thirty now. Thirteen ten kfi kfi party. Northern colorado's force thirteen ten kfi k. The block party wednesdays from four to ten. Pm great piece in the wall street journal by the editorial board this morning this as oil prices have spiked across the central us while regulators ordered rolling blackouts. Yesterday expected to continue at least through today if not through the rest of the week as an arctic blast has frozen wind turbines here in writes. The editorial board is the paradox of the left's climate agenda the less. We use fossil fuels the more we need them oil and gas industry frozen out in the cold keith. Wineman presidential wealth management in now correct. Correct me if i'm wrong. This sub headline right beneath the headline on the wall street journal article. That say it illustrates the folly of eliminating natural gas and coal. It certainly does the folly. Eliminating natural gas and coal as four people. Four million people in texas are without power this morning because of statewide rolling blackouts because there isn't enough electricity to meet demand and keep in mind that includes the networks. They're going on the national grid by electric city to meet the man that includes that they can't buy enough. They can't find enough electricity to buy to meet the demands. Well excuse me at the platte river power authority a just this weekend issuing a very rare call to conserve energy asking its customers in fort collins. Loveland estes park and longman to well Just to conserve on sunday when it came to their power usage from four to ten pm. Yeah yeah so it's wide reaching and there's another one common another storm coming thursday wednesday in wednesday night into thursday. So what are we learned from this. Anything bueller pickets really prices for oil. Natural gas and gasoline prices are sharply higher. One would expect that west. Texas intermediate the us benchmark crude oil shot up to well over well over sixty dollars a barrel yesterday this morning. It's at fifty nine dollars and sixty cents a barrel natural gas prices holding over three.

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