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With Mickey Ferguson over at Fox 60 how stormy It's going to be forced. What's going on, Nicky? Well, J t. We start out this morning with relatively quiet conditions, increasing clouds, but we get into this afternoon we could start to see an isolated strong storm threat in our area, primarily in the central in east Alabama. Then tonight as we get into tonight in the overnight hours There is a line coming out of Mississippi that could bring about damaging winds and hail and can't rule out an isolated tornado. Looks like that's gonna extend at least until nine. A.m. tomorrow on D then filter out off to the east in Georgia, clearing skies by the afternoon highs tomorrow near 75 degrees. Sunshine returns on Sunday with morning temperatures near 52 highs near 74 from the W B R C first alert Weather Center Hi Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning news, Cameron Cloudy and 63. NewsRadio 1055 wkrc identity Thieves love tax forms with personal info needed to steal your identity. That's why Lifelock helps protect monitor and restore your identity. No one can monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you can save up to 25% off your first year at Lifelock dot com. Promo code risk. Alabama's morning news. I'm Jay taking close to calling it a day here, but that would give you a little pep talk here for your dragon. But a little bit. Nine year old girl didn't like that or 25 year old sister was feeling down, so she gave her a pep talk. It's not gonna help. Okay? It's something you want to do something. You do it if you.

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