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Specific fights besides him cheating on you and your dream. I shouldn't have a kid No I don't think so. Yeah you could adopt as I was thinking but really really sanitize it having like maybe like. Hose it down out front. Keep it six away from that. To me is probably the amount of dozens. I'd want from a child also thinking about. Maybe I should get a kid from foster care or adopt a kid. 'cause I'm a big adopt pro having your own at this point. It's kind of like buying a dog from a breeder. Yeah I feel like I should adopt but yeah now might not be the time or might be the perfect time we don't know. How long does it go on? I don't know I I mean we were talking about it before we started recording. But it is. It's hard to be on phone calls like planning your next year. Yeah tour dates and kind of everyone going. We hope this is the plan. Yeah because no one knows that'd be the plan. Two weeks ago we were like marches cancelled. Yeah Yeah Yeah and now it's like summer is dead. Twenty twenty two. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And then there's also the question of when we come back is are people going to have a bunch of money to spend you know and will there still be? Ptsd around groups or people don't want to go into you know venues who knows? I. I you know. We're GONNA stay positive about this but I do want to ask you. Because we are Virtual strangers that have a lot in common. Yes if we're very similar I will take it guy. Sorry they'll probably an insult. That was great. Are you kidding the same person? I'm like how much money you think I have. I'm like really really easy. I don't plan on yourself. No I do find it very interesting. That we both have been engaged in are no longer yes which I was not going to bring up until you did Because I think you've been more private about it then I have I did material about it in my special about calling engagement because it happened months before I filmed. It happened after I found out. I got the special and before we shot it so I'd write some material pretty quick. Do you feel like you. Ha- whatever's going on in your special has to reflect what's going on in your personal life or else you're being dishonest or and Congress. Yeah I mean I've done special so special Whitney I mean you know. Hbo Versus Netflix. It's also different. You feel like a phony like like if if I'm doing material on stage that isn't true anymore. Phony yes yeah me too. I need to such Obama. I literally McCann. We just stay together for another six months. I can keep doing this bit Kinda. Yeah if I can rework it then we can go our friend WHO's engaged. Yeah it's not great because there were some bits about him that I lost Conan. Yeah Yeah we got. We got him got him down. They're not going on Netflix. Got ON CONAN O. Fantastic on instagram. They're they're getting out there and we got him Santa's but yeah I mean I. We had like we were breaking up. Gradually over two months So months is actually not that long. I'm surprised I mean we were only going to say two years when we were only together for a little over a year. Okay I mean it was so silly to be engaged that soon. Do you think you'd still be together. If you're engaged Hadn't gotten gauged. No losing your. Do you think we would have broken up if you hadn't have gotten engaged. Oh I don't know I thought about that. I thought about that when it was like immediately after we broke up. I was like if we weren't engaged and the things that happened. That made me go. This is a huge issue. And we're not engaged anymore. Yeah if those things had happened when we weren't engaged maybe I don't know it could have gone one of two ways. It could have been easier to break up with him Or it would have been easier to work through things with him because it wouldn't have been so embarrassing to be like me and my fiance are not engaged anymore. Right that's right. I think that that that once you get engaged I think everything becomes fifty times more important than the stakes get higher. It's like that thing you're doing that annoys me is forever now. Yes and there's a little bit of like I'm your wife. You can't disrespect. You know everything to me. Took on such a such higher stakes. You know. Little things became big things. Yeah and then. There's also this but there's a ring on your finger. Why would I ever do that? Do not there's an also it's like you also have less ground to stand on Reich. Because they're like I spent this money on you what I yeah like you can have done that. Instill BE RUDE. Also getting sloppy. Yes I feel like. This was just going to make everything eve even forever. It's the scorecard starts every morning. Yes Oh my God or not. It's not out of jail free. This isn't like immunity. I completely agree with that. I think there was. I think they get comfortable because I put a ring on it. Yeah we're here. You put it on instagram. You're not gonNA untagged me. Walk me. Delete goes so. I solved your major problems. I made you desirable pathetic. Yeah I made you likable. Quite frankly I just help you get a couple of brand deals you me. I have filmed so many videos of you in the pool. Who got the most? Likes on your instagram? Which one knowing their engagement ring was the self fear was opened the way yeah and I think man? That's so accurate. It's like I need a minute. I think they did. You feel an immediate shift. I think so. I think there were things that I thought we had worked through That then came back and got way worse After we were engaged which hurt even more than the first time and the first time I was like this would be a reason I would break up with you in the future. If we don't get a handle on this right and then when it happened later You know much like the impending second wave of corona virus. It was even more devastating because I had experienced before. We let this get even worse. This happened again and now I feel stupid. Yeah but for me. It was like I was like. Why would you do this? We're engaged and I'm sure on their end going. You still have the same neurology. You had two months ago. I was your childhood. Still the same right. We're you went to jewelry store right. Yes didn't that change. The way you're hippocampus connect frontal lobe I K- jeweler isn't pay jewelers a surgeon. You get a lobotomy. At Jarrett's didn't sales beat that out for you. Who would put in this much effort to disappoint me? You didn't go to Zales and automatically follow all the Porn Stars Right. Isn't that what the story does? I wish that's all it was It's just sells rings. Yeah I think I think they get comfortable because they go. You're not going anywhere. I lost his down and all your friends are telling you how great I am and how lucky you are and you're telling me how great I am and how lucky you are to have me and quite frankly I believe it now and you're not gonna find out about me doing this thing and when you do find out I'm GonNa make you feel crazy for overreacting to it and Yeah I think I also think how old is he? He was two years old. Maybe this is. I think he's two years old. I don't know you know my to my my two. Most accessible relationships were with people. You know eight to ten years old at the Aso you know but also I was very. I've didn't get engaged because I was unhappy. Like I was very happy with that person for like eight. Eight nine months amazing so good and thought like. I was like this is what I needed. Somebody WHO's Not a comedian but sort of comedy adjacent and can work from home. Yeah and travel with me. Sometimes and is very even. Keel and just really. Was that on your clipboard. It was on my list that I wrote for my pass. Here's my and then I want works from home. Good family checked good church. Going boy check loves dogs. Well I mean I don't want you to feel too much responsibility as a successful female comedians. But I mean I went to lunch with a girlfriend of mine after I called off my engagement where I'm just like I don't know if we can have everything I'm like like I really like. I'm so glad like Whitney's engage in happy. That makes me feel better and she goes. I think Whitney cough engagement and I was like. Are You fucking kidding I? I went to the bathroom. It was just like dry heaving okay. It's not we can't have. We have both. I have to choose from dry. Cough cough I was. I was a wet. I'm soaking wet everywhere. You got everywhere no driving any any once you get engaged. The machines sets off the family. Start email get on a chain. You get the website you get the like people start kicking in. I've got the ring. You're using your grandma's ring we're sending the lace like it becomes this huge operation that you become a really small part of. Yeah the pressure. The expectations everyone starts inviting the family. Friends and onto. Nana's GonNa die soon so we need to do it near where she has and debt by this type. Just become so much bigger than you. Yeah that was disorienting to me. Did you buy address? No no did you got an email from them today. It is in Irvine California and I have not had time to pick it up and now I can't because it's a non essential business that emailed me today. They've left me so many voicemails where they're like. Hey so we should probably get you fitted for this dress because like ordered it because it's like habitually do not much my special into took like eight months for them to get make it or whatever so I ordered it while we're engaged and it was the first time I went to look at wedding dresses with my best friend and I found my dream wedding dress and I was like I just again as you've got it great and then cut to like a month later like giving the ring back and I'm just like I'm like There were so many reasons that I wanted to. Just push through it..

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