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Baltimore five children dead in an early morning take care of fire I'm James that's where fox news the fire started just after one o'clock this morning at a day care center in your repents holding yeah police here say the youngest victim was just eight months old unclear how that fire started on the lam since Wednesday an escaped convict caught forty four year old Curtis ray Watson captured in a so we bean field about ten miles from the western Tennessee correctional facility he showed up at Harvey Taylor's front door around three thirty this morning his ring doorbell show the convict rummaging through a refrigerator on the carport frying the first we recognize the one who recognized who it was there at the fifth the hiding that DA mark Davidson saying herders right Watson went from being a escaped convict to being a criminal defendants are facing charges of first degree murder aggravated sexual battery especially aggravated burglary and to skate Watson accused of the sexual assault and strangulation death of sixty four year old Deborah Johnson the prison administrator who lived in the house on the grounds server Johnson was thirty eight years in this department I've never met anyone that was more professional our dedicated to the mission of the Tennessee department of corrections and apricots Tennessee corrections commissioner Tony Parker guard should have checked on sex trafficking suspect Jeffrey abstain every thirty minutes federal prison officials tell The New York Times that did not happen the AP reporting the guards say they were overworked abstain accused of sexually assaulting dozens of young girls found dead in his cell yesterday morning dead by hanging.

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