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They've missed so many of these calls. They've got him wrong. If you're gonna do it, review it, they, they stopped the Dan game for every turnover. Every stupid call they make it. They missed, they can review it. So review these calls if it's not depicted damn flag up because those are big. I mean, they're going to happen a big points in the game, and they're going to sway the decision of the game. So I just I, you know, I haven't seen one call on a running back yet. I don't know if it's been holding out, but I haven't seen one called on running back yet, and that's us whether it made the decision, mostly, you change the rule. Do you think fantasy football has made the NFL put an all out assault against defenses. So that points. Yes, guaranteed fans wanna point scored. That's just the way that's the way the game is now or points is more money for the NFL. So that's a good thing. But you know, I like fantasy football. It's pretty fun. I'm so fricking bad it, but I like how you gonna pay attention to it so much. There's a lot of attention you have to pay to it and I can't do it. I just I kinda drift on time. Yeah, that's what I'm who's got the fucking time or lacquers people out. I don't have time for that. I think got the time. My wife is a huge as like fantasy football players. She's like, who should I played ocean is I think Thursday night game. I got to get it set out to use the same way as last week. I'm like, dude, you need to relax. She's the same thing. She goes well, so's on a by, so don't play them in a lose points on my, oh my gosh, this is stressful. A lot easier when he's got CBO get ball, like you're saying. Forgo, taco guy was football. That's all you gotta do. Who's going gonna win this year. Who's gonna suck besides. Two questions besides the bears who are going to go sixteen to know who's gonna win this year in who's gonna suck this year hall of Famer. Brian Urlacher says, who's gonna win and who's going to going to be hard to pick against philli, but I'm going, I'm going with Green Bay man. I'm a big Rogers guy. I think I think every year love the unit hold on our like is that weird? Is that weird for you to say, a bears fan? You catch shit for saying that don't care. I'm going to answer it honestly. They're going to be really good. I, they got the best quarterback in the NFL. Their defense shows up at all. They're going to win a bunch of games and it's gonna suck. Yeah. Who's like an under? Well, let's not say suck, but under one underwhelmed, how about Tampa Bay? I don't know how they underwent what everybody's expecting them. I'm a huge fan of Fitz. Patrick that do is the bad ass you ever met him. I know that he gets like eight million a year just to go play in places where they have zero expectations of winning and against that beard dishes. Beautiful. I've never met him though. I heard he's awesome. All human love him. You'd be great on your show. He's he's a smart ass, but you wouldn't know it below the guy, but I hate taking against him, but I don't. I'm not a huge fan champ after they fired lovey. So I'm going get some human lovey still talk to this day. Yeah. Hell, yeah. I'm actually gonna go watch their game and it plays Soldier Field. They play south Florida at soldiers. Go watch them play. Are they using uses start recruiting at his lovey using it on a cruise yet? It sounds like that's what that was like. I didn't go to u. of I, so I would not be recruiting. You still keep in touch with the New Mexico folks. I sure do all the guys that kosher when they're gone. But I still talk to pretty much every coach coach when I was there. Bryan, you're an absolute legend. Are you market? Are you writing a book or anything, or you just of live in right now? I'm living man much. Oh, driver drive my my son..

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