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Need to worry about invasion of privacy? But I think right now that stuff is outweighed by people's desire to know whether they how viruses spread to know whether they have had it to know whether they have seen the people who've had it and I think we'll see businesses re organize themselves so that you can have production lines with social distancing. We'll see service to firms reorganize themselves restaurants have much bigger space between tables. And will I hope use technology in a much much more dramatic way than we've used it now to know who's had the virus where there were hot spots where there's much less bit? Ian? Let me ask you about a bigger picture about this. And I'm sorry we had a little technical difficulty getting you on Which is China is now donating ventilators to New York? Talk about the competition for leadership that is coming out of this which China appearing to be at least more confident in the United States Essentially uninterested well of course on a couple of levels I mean even the Chinese are responsible for the original outbreak with all the travel and the cover up. The fact is their economy is going to be back to pretty much. One hundred percents at least on the supply side within the coming weeks while the Americans and Europeans are still shutdown. They've got the medical supply chain. They have the excess medical personnel. They have the ability to learn some lessons from when the Americans gave humanitarian aid. After pre-crisis lessens the Americans appear to have forgotten. And you know I certainly believe that the Americans are capable of implementing real walk downs and listening to authority with clearly capable of putting a lot of money into our economy eight for relief and restart as we need it. We have completely abdicated. Leadership internationally for the developing world. That'll most need it for our allies like in Europe that we're not coordinating with and the Chinese smell opportunity here. They recognize that the global order will look very different coming out of this crisis than it did going in and we really need to be paying attention to what Beijing is doing right now. Paul let me ask you a quick question. We only have a few. We have about forty five seconds. One thing that worries me but all of us on this Battleline noticed have been to graduate school in social science the days very bad That is coming out. Countries testing differently Is there a danger that we are making predictions on the basis of very very incomplete data? Here especially because everything moves so fast we knew that exponential growth and in the disease but also even on the economic thing. We're now at the point where you know. Monthly economic data are already so far out of date that they're useless and so even really are a weekly figures which are not the right numbers but we were doing what we can't so Jut Look just three weeks ago. People I was in contact with people who were debating whether we needed a any sort of major economic response. It didn't do. We really have an economic emergency into justifies a large package. Unbelievable now right now. We're probably fifteen million jobs down while we were just getting this thing together. So We are it. Turns OUT THAT WE HAVE WE? We're not prepared. Not just for something of this magnitude but we're not prepared for something of this speed And this is a big problem. Thank you all we will. We will come back to you because this isn't going away and thanks in particular next on. Gps always leader Viktor. Orban's has used the corona virus crisis to grab all but absolute power. He was given the POW this week to rule by presidential decree. I'll tell you all about it when we come back. I'm Tony Shibani and I'm Aubrey Edwards. And we've got brandy roads on a w unrestricted dusty. I tell cody. Hey there's this new girl she's really cool. You should check her out Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and. It was right over his head. Listen and subscribe to eighty w unrestricted four free. Wherever you your podcast. Just don't worry to face the world on my own Tracy. Morgan is back. You are low rough around the edges. Tiffany haddish's back if we support one another everything's GonNa be okay the last. Og Only Tuesdays at ten thirty nine thirty central on TBS. Donald Trump's US complaints over what he terms fake news which is really news. He doesn't like haven't gone away during the corona virus crisis but one leader has taken it farther much farther. A new law in hungry calls for up to five years in jail for publishing so called fake news related to corona and that is just a minor part of a major measure that will give prime minister. Viktor ultimate power. The ability to rule by decree. His personal whims will have no checks no balances. What will this mean for Hungary? Michael League nutty is the president of the Central European University George Source funston funded institution founded in Hungary. That was expelled by Auburn. Last year and Valerie Hopkins is a budapest-based Washington correspondent for the Financial Times. Michael let me ask you. How did we get here? This is a European country that is essentially slade from what looked like a functioning liberal democracy to something very different of Farid. This began ten years ago when he won power in twenty ten the muzzle depress a cut back on the autonomy of the courts and he came after our free institutions Central European University. Now this seems to me a culmination of Pattern that's developed over ten years and it's developed frankly because the European Union didn't stop because Successive American administrations didn't stop him. And because China and Russia the authoritarian states were only too happy to welcome another authoritarian under their camp. So it's a it's a story of him getting away with stuff but it's also a story of him being simply continuous with what he's been doing since twenty ten fascinating twenty Dan. Of course he wins the election because his His opponent The prime minister said something In in He made a gaffe on TV Valerie let me ask you about this. The judiciary hungry seemed independent The press seemed to be a thriving. Free press what did he do in both cases to neuter them? Well thank you very much for having me personally and I think it's important to know that it's if anybody knows how dangerous and economic crisis is it's Victorian so he has as Michaelson. He swept into power and twenty ten after an economic crash. And I think now. This law is geared towards preventing a similar loss of power and over the course of the last decade. He's really focused on first and rewriting the constitution amending times and then stacking the institutions like the Constitutional Court and also regulatory bodies with people loyal. To him I mean most Hungarians will tell you that actually. The lower levels of the judiciary are still fine and many of them will still make good decisions. But it's the highest levels that that we have to be worried about regarding the press. There's been a real trend of powerful all the guards tied to the government coming in taking profitable interesting independent media outlets buying a majority stake in them and then eventually turning them into government propaganda mouthpieces that was announced that one of the most important to media outlets that still independent. There are still a number of very brave and very wonderful. Local journalists working very hard to their job here was bought by a businessman close to the government. He bought a controlling stake in the paper. So it's very concerning the not happen to the day after this law passed and one of the thing. Is that a November twenty eighteen five hundred media outlets who had systematically been targeted and sort of had their editorial policies effected shall we say donated themselves for three to a foundation. That's now run and managed by ORB on loyalists and they will publish identical news. About how great the government is again. Michael describe what What some Hungarians Call. A Victory Peacock dance though this shows. You how savvy he is and that you know when he's confronted sometimes digs one step too far. He backs off. Well the optimistic view of this suspension of all a parliamentary rule and constitutional rule is that he he he can trade this back if he gets external pressure. But I actually think this is a peacock dance that In which is not dancing back. I think he's consolidating power And is going to be indifferent to what the European Union says was. I think the European Union the French. The Germans are so deep in their own crises that they're not going to mind that Basically one European state has turned into a single party state in front of.

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