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In your eyes by peter gabriel our song of the week this going to be tough for me because 'cause is another favorite of mine syndicate little feat a battle with dr so give us a call send us an email tweet us a songs you'd like to hear we may start playing them this earliest next week this week it's in your eyes by peter gabriel and the reason we're playing that is a show about your is we've gotta show an ophthalmology we have a focus area on glaucoma we're gonna take our first glaucoma call now from k into cooler hey hello there and thanks so much taking my call i their morning someone to discuss this for years terex then i developed glaucoma became a teenager and i'm i'm seventy four now so i've been battling this over fifty years and i had been told that i have this in stage dot com so i guess all hope it's time for me except i don't give up hope and i just wanted to know if there's any spatial we starts going to find out what could be done for me okay what's the status of your vision now well they just say light perception i can see some movement i can still see some colors but seems to meet excuse me mind seems to be more different than what i've heard and you can't hit would you considered legally blind yellow yes i've always been legally blind has been legally blind and this is since you're in your teams but yeah i think what i had finished high school one day discovered it and used every drop imaginable i've had every surgery and the surgery would go well but then i would start tissue and the last one that i had done well ahead a corneal transplant and a lynch implant also i mean you name it it you're like our case study for today and i would give anything defense somebody that we'd just sit down with me and let me tell you you know what kind of things are going down because of never heard anybody have what i've got tried to discuss it with ophthalmologist stay i guess probably shave the head and say what in the world you're talking about and when you mentioned that it was a brain you know had to do with your brain that made more sense than anybody has saved me so cable we're going to do is we're gonna have to go to break just a little bit if you're able to hold you know we'll we'll bring you back on after the break all right thank you but i'm gonna i'm gonna ask our doctor dr parl couture from georgia i who's here live in the studio with me because i am curious i'm curious if you if you're if what had happened when you were young would have happened today and if you would have lost your sight when you did and there's so much i think that's changed in the field over your lifetime that it's very different today than it was then and so there may not be a lot could that could be done today to return your eyesight but there could be tremendous amounts of things that could be done to preserve eyesight low similar effective today lot more to cover stay with us and kit.

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