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Welcome to the gwinnett. Daily post podcast. Today is wednesday march tenth and carrie underwood is thirty eight today. I'm dan ratcliff in here. Your top stories brought to you by peggy sloppy properties. A man was shot and killed after an altercation at an apartment in norcross as county begins. Vaccinating teachers governor. Brian kemp praises gwinnett county's masked cove nineteen vaccination site. You're hospital bills may be going up due to contract by between north side and insurance companies standard time or daylight savings time. That's the question. Lawmakers can't agree on social fox. Brewing is growing in. Its cozy space in downtown norcross. Gwinnett county election. Supervisor is leaving to take a job with the company that printed. The county's twenty twenty absentee ballots plus the recording industry association of america says that during the pandemic the sales of vinyl records went through the roof. We'll talk to the owners of depot records lawrenceville to find out why part of the appeal. I believe is a warmth of the sound that you get from vinyl record that you just do not get from occasional media. Part of it is physically being able to hold the record and look at liner notes that you can actually read on a twelve by twelve. Sheet of paper has the time. Come for you and your family to buy or sell new home. Peggy slap you. Properties is here to help. Peggy and the team have been gannett and surrounding areas for thirty eight years helping folks. Just like you and me peggy. Slap properties consist of more than thirty five realtors that realized fostering strong relationships with community is the key to their business. They work with you. Regardless of circumstance residential homes are newly built they have listings all over the county in. Today's climate you hear a lot of noise from others on how they can help the difference at peggy sloppy properties. They're buying and selling for neighbors family and friends. Don't you believe you'll get the most value from a team that knows the lay of the land. Visit peggy slapping properties online at esp online dot com or. Give them a call at seven. Seven zero two seven one five five five five seven seven zero two seven one fifty five fifty five peggy slap peak properties delivers the very best in gwinnett georgia. Real estate because you deserve no less county. Police are investigating a deadly shooting. That occurred early. Saturday morning at the las palmas apartments in the norcross area. Just after three a m officers arrived and found eighteen year old desmond right in the breezeway of the apartment complex suffering from a gunshot wound. He passed away at the scene. Investigators believe that mr reich got into an altercation with the resident of the apartment and that person shot desmond and he died there in the breezeway. It's not clear at this time whether the person who shot mr right was still at the scene. When officers arrived. Monday was the first day that all teachers in georgia were eligible to get the kobe. Nineteen vaccine as the state expanded the pool of people who can get vaccinated the first six hundred gwinnett county public schools teachers and staff to get vaccinated on monday showed up to get their doses at the former sears. Location at gwinnett place mall the site. Which is the ability to vaccinate up to three thousand people a day once in a vaccine doses are available is currently administering more than eighteen hundred doses a day. The governor praised the partnership between government business and health leaders who got the mass vaccination sights set up county leaders worked with the health department as well as the gwinnett place mall community improvement district and northwood raven to establish the mass vaccination site at the mall. Thousands of united healthcare members are now facing much higher out of pocket costs if they go to gwinnett county hospitals the insurers contract with northside hospital in lawrenceville and northside hospital duluth ended march first contract negotiations between insurers and hospitals sometimes become public and nasty and tone but usually or settled before a renewal deadline. Despite repeated efforts we were unable to reach an agreement to renew our relationship with north side health systems gannett united said in a statement the georgia house of representatives and state. Senate are at loggerheads over. How georgians should tell time. The house passed legislation last friday calling for the peach state to observe daylight savings time all year that followed action and that the senate took the week before but georgia on standard time permanently. The one thing. Both chambers agree on is that the state should stop switching from standard time to daylight every march back again to standard each november. The advantage to staying on standard time is that it could take effect with the next switch to standard time this november. The house bill on the other hand could only move georgia to daylight time permanently if congress passes legislation giving states that option. Why by chemo of georgia. We provide award winning. Customer satisfaction have been a family owned business for over twenty years. Buying or leasing with us is fast and easy and you could get pre approved online enforce simple steps we offer top dollar on trade ins and have new vehicle specials that are updated every month and are factory. Trained technicians makes servicing your vehicle convenient with extended service hours. Stop by shop with on the lot or visit us online at love. Mica dot com the idea for social fox brewing a microbrewery operating in historic downtown norcross began in the same place. Many other breweries have started a garage. The breweries founders began as home. Brewers kevin keys. The breweries chief operating officer and mike green had success in brewing competitions and feedback from their friends developed the idea into a potential business keys and green join co founder. Scott norwood to make the dream a reality. Social fox founders started with a five gallon brewing system in their garage and later graduated to a one barrel system that allowed for some testing of styles and some social fox team transferred their recipes to a larger scale and adapted to their commercial level system. That started to come together in two thousand nineteen when the team started constructing the space for a brewery today. The space is occupied by taproom. That seats about sixty at full capacity when counties elections board. We'll be looking for a new election supervisor for the second time in less than two years. The county's current election supervisor christy royston recently submitted her letter of resignation to the county board of registrations and elections nearly a year and a half after she was appointed to the job permanently after holding it on an interim basis. She's going to work for a new york-based fort orange press the company that printed nets absentee ballots last year. Elections board is set to hold a special called meeting at five thirty pm. Wednesday at the county elections office in lawrenceville. According to the recording industry association of america the sales of vinyl records went through the roof during the pandemic tony. Stacey seminar are the owners of depot records on north clayton and lawrenceville. And they're here to tell us about the resurgence of vinyl..

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