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Base with baseness to debase bay. Audiences love Shakespeare in the park. That's rela. Jillian, by the way doing King Lear, nineteen Seventy-three, but it could be a slog for actors and here I'm putting on a play for you in. Okay. You big, and you don't dig it. If you wanna booming gray and I might bul back central park could be tough crowd back then in more ways than one. You're an actor max. She should be doing Shakespeare in the pot. Remember this? Woody Allen, and Tony Roberts and any hall did Shakespeare in the park max. I got mugged playing Richard the second two guys jackets, stole my Leotard Kenneth Taran wrote a book about the New York Shakespeare festival. He told this story on the full Shakespeare library Shakespeare limited podcast to Barbara vogue eighth about an actress named Brierley lead. They told me here. Whose direction. Play. She was tend to be very intense actress very into her parts. On my face and a torch fell off and it caught the tail end of her dress. And it was starting to catch fire. This was an during the death scene. Romeo's lying there. Dead Romeo's lying there dead. And he's also, unfortunately, the only person who's actually seeing that this is happening. You know, he finally said, well, something she was so into the part that she had no idea this was going on. So he leaps up and puts out the fire and then goes back to being dead. New Yorkers will tell you, they have the best outdoor Shakespeare, but it certainly not the only one there are four others in New York alone, including Shakespeare in the parking lot on the Lower East Side around the country. There are close to sixty outdoor Shakespeare festivals in venues, welcome to the forty eighth annual Colorado Shakespeare festival. Ladies and gentlemen arts, welcome to the Alabama Shakespeare festival goody from big ones like Shakespeare on the common in Boston teeny ones like the first folio Shakespeare festival in Brooklyn, New jersey. Welcome to the thirteenth season of the heart of America Shakespeare festival. We hope you enjoyed and welcome to the Hudson valley. Shakespeare festival's nineteenth season. And the proliferation of outdoor Shakespeare venues has created a special outdoor Shakespeare performance style revocable doom. Jeez. Scott Kaiser spent twenty seven seasons as director of voice and text at the Oregon Shakespeare festival. It's very unlike doing American realism in a small three hundred seat house where, you know, tears can run down your cheeks, and people understand what's going on in an outdoor space. You can't see minute muscular changes in the face. It's all reflected through voice through body. And so you need to move through space and reflect your acting choices through a full physical involvement and full vocal involvement. Die. Many times the apple was artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare festival from nineteen ninety five two thousand seven she says, for all the challenges of working this way, the advantages are clear indoors. It's a far more polite audience. They're more focused on the play's outdoors. You're really throwing it out there at them, and it produces a great deal of energy between the audience and the players. Good even use even gender that story was produced by Richard Paul, and originally appeared on Shakespeare unlimited, which is a podcast from the folder Shakespeare library. And that is it for this week show? But before we go, I got to tell you that we are about to take studio. Three sixty outdoors. I'm serious. We are doing a live taping of this show on Saturday afternoon June eighth on the high line in New York City. We'll have musicians and comedian and musical comedians and.

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