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This is the Robin Williams stock his career and does a little bit into his well, I guess it does a lot in two years, depression, which is interesting someone who has suffered from repression for many year on and off while is it is it that sort of thing. This is a question of depression. Is it like alcoholism in that they say? Once you're calling. You're always an alcohol, even if you're not drinking if you're someone who suffers from depression. Are you always a depressive person? Are you always someone who suffers from depression, even if you're not currently in a in a boat of it? I guess you could say question-mark interesting. I think reading lies I'd go like a solid three. It's just a. And I like it a lot of the people they interviewed. And I don't know. It's just maybe the depth wasn't there that I was hoping for you know, what I think it was as well. I had heard so much good about this movie that maybe my expectations were high. So you know, you got that. Okay. Moving onto movie for twenty seventeen called Logan lucky. Two brothers temps to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race North Carolina. Yeah. This was good. I love a heist movie. I think I heard like not good things about this, which I don't really know. I was a good movie. You know, what one of the sort of interesting things of this is the people doing the heist are not like liquid. You get like an oceans movie or or lots of heist movies. The people doing like super smart got all these amazing plans and everything time down to the last minute. And and just their brains working on such high levels at there's no way this will fail. But the these guys are just kind of, you know, regular Joe blow's kinda dumb even a little bit a dusting of dumbness, you might say. So so I like that as a little bit of a difference. I suppose you might say rating wise, I go like three to four. Yeah. It's got some some funny for moments and some Draghi three moments two hour long movie. I think it could've been. Yes. That's Howard, Kremer physician. I'll take on that. Yes..

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