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And house committees approved the legislation on party line votes tuesday their future is uncertain in the full legislature governor rick snyder supports the bills as a way to address billions of dollars in unfunded pension and health care liabilities he briefed gop lawmakers behind closed doors yesterday police firefighters and groups representing municipalities opposed the legislation due to concerns over potential state intervention and benefit cuts conservatives say many communities are getting a handle on underfunded systems and the drastic step of appointing an emergency financial team would occur in few municipalities state officials are kicking off a series of public discussions about the future of twin oil pipelines in the straits of mac and on the first is six pm tonight in taylor the michigan supreme court is revisiting the trial of a man who was convicted of killing two people who worked at a dearborn area store llovera bryant was convicted of murder and the 2013 gifts of two employees at a family dollar store but the state appeals court said the trial was spoiled when jurors heard about bryant's history of sexual harassment and his sex offenders status the supreme court is hearing arguments today wayne county prosecutor kim worthy wants the convictions reinstated plans radar weather forecast from wam radio for this afternoon looks like some sunshine high of about thirty eight mostly cloudy tonight low getting down to around twenty four and then for tomorrow thursday morning snow showers high around thirty two that's wam news now i'm dan martin according to the employee benefit.

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