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Drink it in. I'm yeah what else do i say i'm here. I'm excited to be here. A looking forward to chit chat with you guys. Like i do every week and We're here with the d. eye in the sky vascular d only getting more vascular with age. If i think us yes danny bryson back from the great north drove to canada. After last week's podcast they let me in. Yes and you have to do a case of beer. They didn't even care We rolled up at the border and we clogged the only lane into canada. For forty five minutes. Nobody else showed up. Go to canada While we're sitting there we had to download an app and then fill out the app. The guy didn't care at all border agent that we were slow and totally incompetent and still let us in. I was very surprised. I felt like once we got into canada. It felt wrong like we had done something wrong. We were in a place we weren't supposed to be It was awesome. Are you not supposed to be able to get into canada or it's just like well. I mean it's been. We've been barred from entering canada for year and a half. I don't think they can still come down here for non essential travel so Travel is essential. no i didn't Because it most definitely was not and now now that's the thing is now they can allow you to go i. This is my second time to catch. What a year or about nine months time was essential this time not essential but it was awesome. Banff lake louise area beautiful. Lots of people. But that's good because there's bears and it lowers the odds that you'll be the one who gets mauled did you see. There's any. It was the very low on wildlife so there's hearsay is that there are bears. They put up signs right. They put up the signs but they don't Keep bears chained up like next to the trail Like growling at you and making things exciting and then coming back into the us. No big deal lays his kind of way through.

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