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That is the one advantage that he has over Elliott right now. Michael Carter has been the workhorse for the heels. Eighty one yards rushing already Carter does have one hundred yard game to his credit actually two of them in his career is career highs one fifty seven came against Virginia last season. He's already has his season high. Remember, he did not play the first two games came back last week at twenty eight yards on the ground against Pittsburgh thirty six yards receiving and he has been a big part of the tar heel offense. So far will be in that power pistol. Swear, he has back behind him in this case Tonio Williams, and then he has a player to either side of him to his left is Michael Carter to his rightist Jordan Brown. So all three of the tar heel tailbacks in this formation, first and ten from the. Miami. We're gonna call it. Now, the eighteen originally market the seventeen eighteen yard line for the heels Surat will keep it himself right up, the gut threat, the Timbo Mike made a man missing the five and scores. The touchdown that cutting back at the five was a thing of beauty Sheldrick. Red wine was left hugging for air. Can do an explosive play athletic unless he gets his space. He has the ability to make guys missing he has enough speed where he can make really explosive plays. He scored that one great job out of Carolina upfront. The big hogs blocking. So Surat from eighteen yards out gets the touchdown Freeman Jones. We'll try to add the extra point comes at the to eleven Mark extra point is good. And let's not forget there was an enormous penalty in that drive. When it looked like Miami had gotten off the field defensively, but Gerald Willis called for the unsportsmanlike. And because of that it allowed the drive to continue. I'll tell you what that cutback by Surata the five was something else. Lee pace on the tar heel sideline. Lee will interesting color for the tar heel coaches on the next offense of possession as I said in the last last break that was not a benching of Nathan Elliott because of a bad play the resulted in a touchdown. That was preordained that was playing would get the third series. So now after seeing what he can do this. You got to wonder where the tar heels will go go with it on the next possession. That's a good point decision now for Larry fedora and his offense. If staff to particulars on the drive seven plays seventy yards to twenty one off the clock. They again move it to a seventeen yard touchdown not eighteen originally. They had at seventeen and eighteen seventeen seventeen yard touchdown run four. Chaz Surat has gotten Carolina within four at fourteen ten by lot of scoring here in the first quarter. We still have to eleven to go. And that sequence you see what.

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