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49 Cool day carrier WSB 24 hour Traffic Center Still slow 25 west beyond the outer loop as you recover from traffic pacing your shambling Dunwoody Road where multiple right ranger block for roadwork 85 North bound. They're still putting out the work barrels and three right lanes approaching Georgia 400 You got the three right lanes blocked northwest Atlanta 75 southbound West Paces Ferry exit to 55 Alex Williams 95.5 WSB. We have to do it every day, and it can be dreadful Driving in Atlanta. That's why Atlantis number one traffic team at 95.5. WSB gives you customized traffic alerts or your specific commute with a triple team. Traffic alerts. Half open the app before you drive, and it feeds you. Audio alerts at the road you're on has a major incident ahead. It'll save you time and take the dread out of your commute. Triple team traffic alerts download it now from the APP store, or Google play, sponsored by Cool race, lifetime parts and labor warranty. We connect with a carpool or van pool and dried with people you know and trust safely by forming a commute circle with your rideshare group and following current safety guidelines, you can enjoy your favorite way to get to work in a safe manner. For more ways to ride safely to and from work, Visit commuter connections dot org or call 1 807 45 ride. That's community connections dot org or 1 807 45 ride. Butler, Lexus of South Atlanta. Their service prices are the same or lower than most independent repair shops, and they only use factory back parts and Lexus certified. Highly skilled technicians. Get your Lexus service at Butler, Lexus of South Atlanta. Schedule Online today at Butler, Lexus South Atlanta dot com. At Tropical Smoothie Cafe. One taste in your hitting, refresh now letting loose now busting a move now cranking up the beach Now, Hands in the air.

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