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If you share this law video. Yeah. JD over here. One day y'all start on time. Yeah. Now, we start lay. That's what we do. So yeah, that's what happens share the post. I got one hundred dollar restaurant gift certificate for you guys. I'm going to invite a bunch of people and ramble on for a minute. And then let's jump over to some topics are so Alex normally Alex go first. So you're Alex tonight, so, yeah, go ahead and jump in there. So go into straight into how the. The LGBTQ is pride. Dude. Prod mom. And you know, it was probably Muncie. Yeah. You're right. So how the LGBTQ plus community has a three point seven trillion in purchasing power. And so how can people capitalize on that and actually begin to sell to this market? I feel like the way to capitalize on that is just support the movement. I mean as. Yet is. But then, again I feel like a lot of people's way of supporting it is just play off of the rainbow flag team. That's true. So it's like, but I mean if you benefited from it. Yeah for you. You know what I mean whatever? But there's you do gotta know the issues and you gotta know the history behind it, and, you know, it's a touchy subject. It's a touchy subject. But let's hear these statue talking about because there's some does a lot money. And there's a lot of money because of the fact that, like Gillett had a head a whole campaign around. It had a great a great campaign with a dad teaching at trans man to shave you don't him saying his trained into son or whatever. So that is actually trying to appeal to those non those families who have transgender children or transit family members so make people understand and have insight into that world. So I felt like that was a. Big. That was a huge step, but the Campbell's did it I when he fifteen where feature to dads in the kitchen and then that was a they had a lot of backlash because of that, but they kept on going. So I think of knowing how to appeal and how to showcase families that are not, quote unquote, nontraditional is a great way to, to go about appealing to that segment in the market. Entrepreneurs should take note of that and understand that there's more. There's so many different dynamics to go after in. They should look at that. And actually add that to their marketing campaigns. So. Yeah. I mean, yes. And no. I don't know. I'm torn on the whole transgender thing. I'm not really going to jump into that too much. What I mean? So, you know, the whole I don't know. Everybody's got rights to equal treatment and all that good stuff. So I mean you know it's cool that this kind of stuff is being addressed nowadays. You know what I mean? So. That you know what I mean? And we would never would've seen that ten years ago. That's for sure soda fact that now that were more open about issues. You know what I mean? Like growing up like these sort of things we're just kind of brushed under the rug. You know what I mean? And it was just like, unless just ignore it like back in the day, like with the whole military, don't ask, don't tell thing. So I mean, the fact of matter is that these are issues. These are things that are going on in the world and we have to address them, so you know, that's how I feel about address it. Let's get it all out and open and found ways to, you know, everybody kind of communicate and, you know, grow together, so to speak. Yeah, so, yeah, no, I mean, everybody's got their all right to their own thing. But like you still treat people equally, you know what I mean? So. Anyway, moving on. So we got some cool deputy f news at a week for you guys that haven't listened to the three sixty real talk podcast. And this is your first psalm. You know, we talk about entrepreneur stuff business stuff. We'll talk about WTO news at a week. If you follow the three sixty real talk fan page on Facebook, we post a lot of crazy stuff during the week. And then we kind of go back on Mondays and Kana picker favorite ones, and we talk about it, sometimes we'll find stuff outside of that. So what do you got over here? Well, there was a guy in line. Buying chicken or whatever you can meal and the woman acts, a mom, actually turns to her child and says, you only getting one piece of chicken, you don't wanna end up like the guy in front of us. So the guy does alternate petty move and buys all of the chicken. So she has the wait to get her chicken because she said, what she said sometimes that's a, a cube to minding your own business. And keeping your mouth shut because she shouldn't have said that to her child, or even talk bad about someone that's waiting in line to get their food. So I would have done the same thing. And I told her about herself to. So that's, that's my opinion, you know, 'cause some people just don't know when to keep their mouth shut. I just can't call people fat, right? Anything? They're not gonna say anything back to you or do something to you. Well, yeah, that was crazy. So to do balled up all the chicken because someone who lives out, you're fat. What would you tell your kid you go? One piece. You don't want to end up fat like the guy in front of us, ma'am. Yeah, that's just retarded. And so, you know, I'm very outspoken in, like, if I was just a boss standard in that situation probably would have been like excuse me. Like, why are you even saying stuff like that? People are just crazy. Where was this ad again another country all the whole nother country? I'm I'm surprised. surprised slaver, but, you know, some people, especially in a foreign country. And like. Let me see what country it was. I think where is it at? And it doesn't say he's his name. The, the money system was. Yeah. I seen it, it was frozen and now. Yeah. So, yeah. So keeps going in and out. Yeah. I don't get it a strange. Don't get it at all. So boom, let me do that. I don't understand what's going on with it keeps going in and out. Technical difficulties working due to technical difficulties. Look on frozen though, first of all. Yeah. Right. Producer well it's got a lag behind. It is man. Yeah. So fast forward. Let me see skews us technical difficulties. Can you see is though? Somebody in here. Hi. So I think it called up. I think we're good now. All right. So, yeah. So what's up with Justin Bieber man? He wants to fight Tom Cruise, and where did this even come from I need to read this talk about this because you're, you're the beeps man. You can't be out here fighting Tom Cruise you talented him. Yeah. Yeah, that's crazy. Let's let's dig in. He's Tom Cruise is fifty six years old. Yeah. He's all on threes is old man. He's not young, no more. And then someone challenged Marky, Mark. So are we bringing our bring them back like celebrity death match is? I real life though. Like we should do like a celebrity. You have see Matt's challenge. Like where people really go in on it. Gregor actually is challenging Marky, Mark. Yeah. This me mortgage Mark ain't no chunk. No. He's from Boston. I feel like Marky. Mark is like someone might not be someone you want to pick a fight with. No, not at all. You know, I don't think he's just got muscles just to have muscle. And that's why I think I mean Justin. Bieber's twenty-five. We're looking at the stats, right? He's twenty five dollars a day. Did the match up? Yeah. Five nine sixty like his reaches sixty eight inches. So his net worth is more than half like less than half of Tom Cruise network. So I, I don't know. Tom Cruise might have the old man grip. So you never know. Right. I mean Bieber is definitely Bieber. Definitely does not have the network. The net worth. For sure. Just like a man like would be what was he on that he could say that and want to challenge the ones who will fight like your Justin Bieber? Just freaking be like Justin Bieber. Come on now. Like that. I just think that's funny. But Conor McGregor against Marky. Mark would be hilarious though. You're not as crazy like what are they even thinking? I just I could I'm only imagining the mission impossible scenes and him going against Justin Bieber data debt. It's that's that's. I can't I can't imagine. They need to bring back celebrity death match. That would be good. I don't know that is just home. My gosh. Justin Bieber though. Like maybe woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. It felt like he wanted to fight on who's that day. I mean maybe that's what I'm saying. So they don't even really talk about where to beef comes from there's no no, they don't even say where it came from it, basically. Yeah. No one saw it coming. I didn't see that there's a saying this publicity stunt. I think so. Because like you know, is he on DJ calendar? Yes. Trying to move those units, too. So I get it. I Calla just put out new album. Right. Got it. So that makes sense. So just trying to stirred up stirred up some controversy so that called- can sell some more albums, and our guest, Chris Brown's about to drop a track with Bieber to think so. I mean, you know, Bieber is always the collaboration guy. Everybody wants to track what him to fight him like. I don't know. I don't know about that. That's just weird to me. I don't understand that at all. But okay. All right. Go ahead. So apparently just something in the water was celebrities this week. 'cause now we got Arnold Schwarzenegger over here. Dennis Larissa me. I he gets kicked in the bag. Now, his I did actually see some about that. That was that was weird. I was very weird. How is it that he's in Venice, and his security guard has a pull a taser on a bike thief? But in the article, this is the sad part what they say his precious bicycle, like you cannot use precious bicycle in the same sentence with Conan, the barbarian like, come on. Yeah, I don't even understand what that's about. But yeah, definitely not yet a custom bicycle. And somebody tried to steal it. That is just said to pretty much. He's not having a good one. Not at all. Not at all. To cite. This stream is not having a good time. Great job. Thank you. Laney. Right. I think it's broadcast is interrupted a thing. Yeah it keeps in Iraq to him, but well, at least have. Right. Who the audio Randy says headlines, Tom Cruise beats up a girl? Whoa, okay. Yeah. That would be the headline that would be the headline, Tom. Cruise beats up a little girl. That's this child abuse child abuse, Justin Bieber in general recently. Like just he's weird. His whole vase weird. Now, since he got that new girlfriend actually came up with his mental illness, twos, depression, and all of that. So I mean, I guess it's kind of strange to me, the whole thing who fights, did you, do you remember the episode of family guy, where Stuey has a running with Tom Cruise? All I can think about is just a beaver as Stuey and they're just trying to get away from each other. So, yeah, it's pretty crazy. So. Yeah. Let me let me jump down real quick. Get bored. Yeah. We didn't straggler this out, stagger this outright, like Norma did. So I got some w t f news at a week to six hundred pound cocaine Diller is too big to go to court..

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