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To rebuild after riding are circumspect about what happened for one woman the emotions bridge Lawson compassion Jessica McClain owns the black and white look optical eyewear store on U. street in northwest looters smashed up her business and took ninety percent of our inventory my shelves are all empty a sad moment for her and her family but being a black business owner she has a different perspective and some unique thoughts as she considers why the protests turned violent there is a bigger issue I'm raising a black son so I really had a lot of mixed feelings these items can be replaced so I had to look at the bigger picture neckline Elie WTOP news stress of these protests the rioting in the quiet threat of covert nineteen is a lot for anyone but if it's become too much for you to bear try protecting your emotional boundaries a little first don't over expose yourself to emotionally charged news says Dr Daniel Z. Lieberman professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the George Washington University School of medicine and health sciences and author of the molecule of more you know keep yourself informed it shouldn't take more than let's say forty five minutes a day he says people should try to keep to a schedule maintaining healthy daily routines are simply going to make them more resilient and more able to manage the stress other tips include getting outside maintaining social contact and talking with others about the tough issues of the day John Aaron WTOP news still ahead here on WTOP we will talk more about the military's activities in DC with the executive editor of defense one seven oh seven years Cameron Terry federal CTO and vice president for presales engineering at dell technologies on hybrid strategies for today's new normal sponsored by equinox government solutions were eventually going to get to a point where we're gonna stop talking about cloud as a primary technology because we're gonna fully recognize it's an operating model it's modern engineering rather than the destination listen to the entire panel discussion on federal news network search Achronix critics is.

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