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This kind of stuff happens, the narrative gets co opted. So if you're white, or if you're black And you are hurt by whatever comes down with the Louisville. Grand jury and you proceed to hurt others or her property. Your cause is going to be hurt, not let alone let alone the business is going to hurt the people who hurt People. They're going to make the future of America or the radical middle. It's people who are in the middle. It's people who don't line up entirely with ideology on the right or ideology and the left and that is the vast majority of Americans knows people when they see looting and destruction. They're going to be turned off and they're going to naturally react opposite of your cause. So I just hope that doesn't happen. Um, for all those reasons, but I just mentioned we need a better racial climate year. And that kind of stuff going to make a worse climate. I also say to those folks, everybody's hurting here. Believe it or not, everybody is I don't know anybody in the white is white or black. Who isn't exhausted by the race conversation isn't exhaust. If you're not white, you haven't easier time. Excuse me. If you're not what you do have a harder time in this country. Ugo. Lunge. Everybody is exhausted on this. Everyone really is trying to do there about unfortunate for a small minority of people. Their best isn't good enough and we're still having too many bad things happen. Brian, tell him Thank you. And good luck. And what is the day Crossroads is opening October 4. Not this weekend, but the next weekend and all of our major campuses, And I would imagine there's rules in place about Shaking, hands hugging communion separation. Is that true? Yeah, That's part of why we opened back up. A swell bill is because the things that we thought sounded so awful four months ago that we couldn't do church on those conditions. We've all normalized to do all the normal things you're gonna have to Goto. Star box or to a movie theater. Whatever you're gonna have across his location, they'll be masked. There'll be social distancing would be will be will be seats that are blocked off. We're not giving out free coffee first time ever. We have done across the thing and not giving out free coffee because germs could spread that way. So Yeah, a lot of those little protocols in place that we don't think that those air really distracting or awed. And today's current climate we've all gotten used to it. Brian Tome you give me Hope. Thank you very much, and we'll do it again. And hopefully tonight tomorrow things will become William. I hope so. It's an honor to be with you. And it makes my day when I get to make you laugh just by selling your brother. I laugh. I don't know what it is. When I When I speak with you, I instinctively laugh. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe because I have the joy of the Lord about my life. It's just infected you, William. That's why Do you believe in? Do you believe in purgatory? What last purgatory Purgatory. I'm thinking if you get there first to heaven, and I need to burn a bit for some of the things I've said and done. Would you say a few prayers to get me up? Uh, I'm saying crazy right now, and I don't believe you're going to purgatory. I believe you're going straight to heaven, brother. Ryan Tome. God bless you and God bless Crossroads. Thank you very much. Welcome, William. Thank you. The guy makes me laugh. Some people I just start talking and I started laughing. I don't know why. Your reaction On the other side. We're going to do a flash poll about Governor Mike DeWine's response to covert 19. This is the first Thursday in six months That match time and decided not to put the governor on the air every Tuesday and Thursday at two o'clock. And I we want to know on the other side. How popular? That decision has been. Plus the booing the governor and the lieutenant governor went through in Vandalia. And Swanton, Ohio yesterday, I think was the lobster devil what I feel at the grassroots level. Which is not reflective in the polling. Well, counting him. 700 wlw Scott.

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