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I'm really afraid of what's coming next no fresh so he you know fresher though most remarkable cash that guess that the first question is why are you so remarkable who are you a deitz nobody actually i'm a toast repairman at least that's what i like so people it's funny sorry uh we'll get to who i am in a second there's a there's a legitimate i'll yeah there's a legitimate amount of a period of time when noone really understood would developer advocates google did and so i would go to conferences and they'd be like what are you do and i'm like i'm a toaster repairmen and they bought it alike the like legit and i'm like yeah yeah it's my job to make sure all the toasters or networked properly the like wall lake it's a me and league sees people's eyes like debts your job like it's amazing how to get out and how sorry eagle for a google shoe and people think clearly that the remake shoes' not my name is called macama some a developer advocate here working on performance and data compression focusing dominantly on performance for the cloud right now how you can write faster applications cheaper cloud applications take your existing architecture tune it make it better metre faster mc jeep her all that stuff cool sell antidote in like the simpson's since way of like you might be member me from previous series s compressor had is it a bit about it yeah yeah yeah so there's there's there's a couple of ways we can play that game on yes so you may remember me from a series called compressor head where the point of it i'm a huge cooking show fan on novi you've ever seen good heats without and brown i've i find his cinematography is great i mean like the fact that the people can sit down and watch a cooking show and become enamored with it uh we tried to figure out how we can duplicate that at google with different things and i thought to myself what is the dryest subject matter we have data compression and i was like how do we make data compression and out in brown work together and so we tried to break down these extremely difficult statistically defined algorithms that basically drive the back end of everything we do on the internet and make it physical so how do we showed data compression using like sticky notes.

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