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Which is something I don't condone. Because you please give me some of that phrase. Some music. I'm not sure I was talking about my brother in law, dirty, the white rapper last time. I'm not sure if there's any curse free tunes on YouTube. I don't know. But here we go. Anything instrumental? I don't know. This is some guitar ribs. Some Tracy Chapman's fast car, Mike, a little lower. Don't blow him out. Even though he's working. Great, this is great. This is classic. Yeah. Go for it. So Russ, let's ride, worked. I did it. I don't know. It's what you started with. Here's some alts as the season moves forward. Instead of let's ride. Let's hide. Let's hide. Broncos nation, Broncos country, let's hide. There's a daisy. Classic, you know, let's everybody know. That one's on me. Now do you have to front load it with Broncos? Country. Broncos country oopsie daisy. I like that. So they're married together because he will never give up on Broncos country. You won't. Okay. So you think let's ride is what's probably as an inspiration to that. I'm swapping that out. Broncos country daisy. Loops of daisy. A Broncos country, all aboard the rust bus. That's him trying to get them back, okay? They've probably cashed their ticket in for a train or a plane somewhere. He's like, no, no, no. The rust bus. Yes. Horse for a bus. Yes. Okay. Broncos country. Sorry about that. I'm drunk. And everybody knows this guy's human. And that he's because right now I would venture to assume everyone's like, this guy maybe had a zima in 1998. Maybe half good mention of zima. By the way, before you continue, I like it a little cumbersome for a hashtag. You got it. Okay. This is your show. It's okay. I'm commenting. I should just let you go. Go ahead. Nope. Sierra told me to say that. Again, letting people know, I'm in a relationship. Right. Not everything I'm doing is my call. Okay. Broncos country, danger witch on one. Little product placement. I don't know how well the sandwich is doing. I think they pulled it. Oh no. Well, the thing is, they pulled it before it's like, and that's karma. They pulled it before the season, and

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