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The Rock to honor the victims and support the community. White House spokeswoman karine Jean Pierre says intelligence agencies are considering a potential explanation for the three unidentified flying objects shot down in the USA and Canada. The intelligence community did say that they are considering or looking at this to be potentially benign. She said that they may be tied to commercial or research efforts. The CEO of Goldman Sachs is slightly more optimistic about the state of the economy. David Solomon told investors at a conference in Miami the chances the economy can avoid a deep recession this year are improving. He said the chance of a so called softer landing feels better now than it felt 6 to 9 months ago. An alarming amount of animals are dying in areas near the Ohio train derailment, city MD director, Jeanette Nashua outlined what kind of harmful chemicals are in the air. There's a variety of chemicals on that train from isobutylene, ethylene, acetyl, and vinyl chloride. And of course, the greatest concern was vinyl chloride because this is one of the most toxic poisonous chemicals on the planet. Officials with the Ohio department of natural resources said almost 4000 dead fish were counted in four nearby waterways from east Palestine, a resident in north Lima, which is over ten miles away, said 5 of her hands and a rooster died suddenly. Forbes is announcing the ten highest paid entertainers in 2022. The Phil Collins group genesis tops the list with $230 million made thanks to selling the rights to a piece of their catalog in September, sting takes second place after he and the police sold their music catalog as well, while Tyler Perry checks in at third. I'm Brian shook. The streets of queens, New York are safer today after a big gang takedown. Police have charged 23 gang members who authorities are calling some of the most dangerous people in Queens. Many were arrested during raids over the past week and few remain on the loose. Authorities say the investigation into gang activity in woodside and Astoria was started following a young mother killed by crossfire from gang members by the woodside houses nearly two years ago. Ford is announcing plans to cut thousands of jobs across Europe in London, John beaver says the American car giant blames uncertain economic times and a need to transform the company as it ramps up production of electric vehicles. 3804 jobs will be lost across Europe, the majority in Germany. Development and back office posts are being cut as the company warns of a pretty difficult economic situation. Last year, Ford announced it would increase its electric vehicle investment to $50 billion as it attempts to take a bigger share of the rapidly growing market. John beaver reporting. If you're thinking of moving from California to Utah, you may not be welcomed. Jordan Christmas explains Utah governor Spencer Cox says Californian should stay in California, the governor said those remarks in front of The White House last week, saying the state of Utah is not working to attract more people, the Republicans said, in part, it's because his state is dealing with problems like housing and water shortages. He also said the biggest problems are more growth related and said he would love for people to stay in California instead of coming as refugees to Utah. The Crown star Emma corrin is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Corin is best known for her role as Princess Diana on the hit Netflix series about the royal family she will now costar with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the third installment of the Deadpool franchise. I'm Brian schuch. And I Brian Curtis in Hong Kong, let's check this hour's top business stories and the markets. Fed officials are calling for more interest rate increases to help tame inflation. The market reaction to Tuesday's CPI data shows investors realize that inflation is likely to remain higher for longer. Former IMF chief economist Ken rogoff told us that part of the fed's problem is the 2% inflation target. Back in the day, they should have sat 3% instead of 2%. But they didn't. And they've really made commitments. If you change it, it means you might change it again. So I think what, in fact, will happen. I don't think we're going to have a soft landing, by the way. I think we're going to have soft, but not the landing. I think inflation, they're going to allow to be all right. For longer, but they're going to say it's going to get back to 2%. We're just taking longer. I think that's going to be the rhetoric. Rogoff added that the fed will have to figure out where rates need to be longer term so that inflation does not remain a problem. Dallas fed chief Lori Logan said, more rate hikes may be needed. And the fed should not lock in a peak interest rate or a precise path of rates. We also heard from Richmond fed president Thomas barkin. We may or may not choose to take rates up further if inflation continues to persist. But we'll have to see what happens. If inflation settles, maybe we don't go quite as far. But if inflation persists at levels well above our target, maybe we'll have to do more. Meantime, fed Philly bank president Patrick harker said that the fed was nearing the point where rates were restrictive enough. He said, we're not done yet, but we are likely close. In some other news, President Biden has named fed vice chair lael brainard as his top economic aid. She will replace Brian D says director of The White House national economic council. More from Bloomberg's Michael McKee. It has a lot of experience in Washington. She was deputy treasury secretary. She was the deputy head of the national economic council before. So she has worked on the political side for many years as well as on the monetary policy side. So she knows everything about what's going on in Washington. And she is also considered to be a very capable kind of, I don't want to use the word bureaucrat, but somebody who knows how to get things done. Let's check the markets, the index is down 1.4%. The tye X in Taiwan down 1.5%, and the nikkei is now down about a half of 1%. The Bloomberg dollar spot index has strengthened two tenths of 1%. Dalyan one 33 O two. The yield on the ten year treasury, 3.73%, and the yield on the two year 4.60%. We have WTI crude trading down about 6 tenths of a percent now 78 57 a barrel and gold is trading at $1858 50 cents at Troy ounce. Global news brought to you by 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. In Hong Kong, I'm Brian Curtis. This is Bloomberg

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