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We see a little bit of that rubble woolsey a little bit of that that that sad time broken house and don't break analysis my favorite you tell them every factory band name but i want childhood memory factory. Victory is prime ban named material so behind him here. He hears a familiar voice voice and a pizza. Deliveryman is like <hes> you used to swim there to me to where we're swim. Brose the good times good times and seeing him macos like hey wait. Wait your swim coach and this is <hes> coach sasa and he was their instructor as a kid and he's like holy shit. I didn't recognize mizzou because you're not a a elementary school anymore. That's so weird catching up yeah. He's delivering pizzas now. The swim lifespan. It's been a rough time. You know <hes> so <hes> talking about <hes> the gang he mentions haroo and rin and sasa bay says oh yeah i i i was there. <hes> the first winter after he he moved away he came back and he and <hes> haru had a race and <hes> the the triple tags uh-huh this was their first like actual competing against each other competition <hes> and haru one so <hes> rin was like after all this after moving away. I am training for the olympics but i'm still not as good as haru. It's all all in vain <hes> so that hurt from that loss sort of made him embittered and made him avoid the gang and <hes> <hes> we then see ren <hes> trying to join his school's swim team because after that that victory from the <hes> <hes> <hes> most recent race he's like i. I need to crush this fool. I need to break his spirit to make him sad like he. Maybe said her view then. It's the i guess not the next next day. It's whenever they finished the pool. They finish the pool so yeah. It's all it's all set. It's too cold to swim outside in early. April haru jumps in any way and yeah. It's just a cute little moment of the club. It's finally set up <hes> they're. They still need that fourth member but they got a good team already and that's episode to. That's it's too cold. Swimming seems to be having fun as his lips were turning purple. His nothing's nipples are not not existent hard. No his whole pick is just is hard. He's more goosebumps on the visual decorated. The pool is pretty and it makes me wanna go shrinkage a oh. I love so anyway episode three damn beccaria that brought me back to the kids as door chickenpox and they've looked. She gets coming out of their skin. Why as a real bad episode. It's real bad episode. You're the one that's goosebumps. That's what made me think anyway episode three. If only there is a more notable franchise to think of when goosebumps is said. I don't know what you're talking talking about. What is happening. Wait a minute goosebumps. Theme in the home seem sound vaguely anyway episode three next day that are at how rude and he's got a blanket or towel route head and he sneezing a bit. The must be talking about me her and you know you got a cold because you're a fucking pool in like sixty degree weather in april like you probably got sick and ninety. Lisa heard from code. That rin joined his school's team so colleague. We got the rival. We get the competitive competitive school to go against like we're ready. We're in now and still says he doesn't do relays. He only swims free style. It's free irritable and i think i'm just now getting and they said even if they want to do realize they only have three people. I guess we need four so they can't do it even if they wanted to. And then we cut to the next day or next school day and we see nargis sitting on the train ride in school in and we see any character who immediately declines his invitation to the club because the gas who plays him in the english eater is literally the bush michael tatum he plays key. Oh yeah and eat a he's got a type and he doesn't well all the mega characters acting and he'd declines his invitation to swimming club because he's like oh. How'd you know you've been asking everyone to join the club like i'm not going to join. I don't wanna join. I've seen her keys and nearly advertisement stuff in your bag. I want to join my life just to like in the in the in epic montage montage he asked him and as soon as as soon as ray goes. No i was like is j. Michael tatum tell instantly but he says no track and field as his life. That's what he wants to do. And it's right around that time we see the train stop and he gets off before everyone else does at school and we see that he will stop early so he can run to school every day so he's he's really into the track and he's also runner like eva. He's literally just either. This is either in a swim in the wrong anime. He's in the wrong at least frozen your legs. Oh should be how's he not in in that one anyway so we co says the she found the police for them trained in their off-season since the <unk> pool outsides warm enough formula. We're gonna practice at the other school with the swim team. It's a joint practice and they talk about how what when i read. This year teacher says they can of the for new club because they don't. They need money only money before before she does that. Before she like like gets the joint practice she actually finds an indoor pool for them to practice in but a lot of money that's right. It's like a private. It's like a private the gym or something it's not the school that's right yes. She finds like jim and we can train here in the offseason. All it's expensive and they're like your clothes brand new. We can't give you that money for a brand new club so all right. If we win a few meets then we could train at this like private club in the off season like yeah so then haruf starts twitching. He's like i can swim all year round. I swim. I gotta get my and he goes like running out of the room and just run up to two other students. He's like hey join the club. You get a little weird mascots and like speeders no thank you we don't want this really showing that are just only things about swimming and has no personal skills and around this time now he saw bumps in the again and he's like hey no. I'm not joining the club. Stop asked me to join your club. I'm not changing. My mind is the man and he's nine. He's talking to mattis locker so an e walks away. Goes home looks blocker and sees his name. He's he's got. He's got his in. He's got an idea he knows how to turn them around and convince them any running after ada and they find out he's doing vaulting part of the whole track and field stuff after school and he's bringing the whole key ninety bring gang along with them. Usually i know how to convince them like what how does not want to swim but he's got a girl name like we do. That's all we need a girl name so join us joy in our cult and as we see get ready to paul bolting at starting point. He's got the poll ready. He's doing all these calculations in bed together here and i get the calculation speed. I do this and he's just a big fucking nerd. He's just a big dumb nerd like just so nerdy and yet that's that's all he is yeah. He's nine hundred calls out his name music. Hey ray which is a girl's name apparently and he's like what what don't just call me that like sioux casualties. What do you want is the oh come on. Got join us and you know we all got girly sounding names and it's like. I'm sure you'd like get into swimming if he's like no. I don't find a beautiful. I'm only interested in things that i find beautiful and running and all this talk about this whole laboratory what he finds beautiful about track and all that stuff he saw me we running. He'd fall out of love with running is discussing. No one looks good running absolutely s. t. tell that to the boys of run with the wind. That's not fair their intimate boys. They look at doing anything and he goes on this rant about how he says. I is a species. We spent millions of years trying to evolve out of the water. It's like fruit to go back into the water. It's like reverse evolution and he just goes on this rampage. Take jesus we get it. You don't like swimming pool relax and next day han talking about again he says hey maybe we could try installing that teacher angle again like maybe if she can't be seen in the swimsuit. Maybe the guys would be interested in being swimsuits in front of her like what what what no and a teacher hears bad bad bad idea the teacher. Here's an interesting. Hey here everything and fucking no. We're not shutting this down again no once again. I'm not going to prison trying to tantalize high school boys. That's our job from podcast wokingham. Hell i'm going to die on tanabe nabi associated with that previous statement sending the invitation walking uh-huh marco and talking and signed ballet. Hey i ran to the coach and he told them about all the shit that went down between rent so like i get it man like we're on the same pages like yeah. It's it's rough but he can see like a new spark for swimming like reinvigorated in harrow so he's kind of he's into it now like i guess that losing losing that race to ran like really got back into and then we cut to eat a pole vaulting again and he's doing all the math again and he hits the bar falls down and the coach comes up. He's like hey nato got good form. You're thinking way too much. You're trying to do this math and it's just not fucking working. Yes yeah stop it. No more math and it's the numbers i i love numbers. They're all i know. I'm sexually aroused by coach. Oh don't want me to mammal eight. Vic dummy we see co says is the next day coach says this is where she says i got permission from the other school to join practice with them so we can swim at the same time as their swim team because they have an indoor pool so so it's <hes> good during the off season and won a game and then they go to swim practice and one of rinse <hes> teammates. He's the no no. I'm confused with the show cut to rein in his swim team running outside and practicing and one of his teammates runs up to him and he's like oh. Hey i remember you you with this group at this like grade school relaying. You guys kicked. Our ass got kicked out early but you guys really great what happened. <hes> yeah it was all grumbling shark tooth and now you saw shows up the next day to run with either. He gets off the train wetland. He was like hey tonight. Dry audio search just keep up and he's like why is my name the big thing that like really sent you on really convince you to get me to join her team. Like why is this is the the selling point ninety so it's like we all have like girly names so you just fit in and like you have great form winter paul team like you could work with diving and swimming and all a staff and is like you can use all those math and calculation and all that shit you can calculate the water viscosity attention to break the surface and all this stuff like we.

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