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New York Times, Andrew Ross Sorkin who wants banks to start tracking your purchases at sporting goods stores in gun shops, and then tried to stop people from buying multiple firearms in a short period of time. I'll tell you what if Andrew Ross Sorkin was on the program, and I'd love to talk to this joker about this. I'd tell him there have been times I have made multiple purchases of firearms at the same time. Usually it happens around Christmas time when I buy guns. Now, the person I'm buying them for has to come down and actually fill out the form forty four seventy three. So I've always done legally. But my Bank might have said why large you have several firearms on this. Purchase. Are you thinking of becoming a terrorist or a mass murderer? Now, I gotta tell you not considering that line of work at all. That is not what I do. I follow the laws, and I don't hurt other people. But would you be okay with your credit card company doing that on behalf of the government and the anti-gun of this country? I would hope you join me in voting. No on that. By the way, in the last Twitter poll of two thousand eighteen before the Christmas holidays, I asked you as die hard the ultimate Christmas movie. Only thirteen percent of you. Agreed with me and said, yes, thirty six percent of you said a Christmas story thirty percent of you said a different movie altogether. And twenty one percent of you said, none of the above. Tonight's Twitter poll is brought to you by amac. The association of mature American citizens. I joined the group a long time ago. It has the conservative values..

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