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All of the news you would probably mess time for Dana's quick five brought to you by Caltech well apparently Liz Cheney is one of the Republicans who is liking what Brandon Carr the FCC chairman says that with they should remain the street front of communist China's embassy in DC Dr Lee Wen Liang Wei there are doctor that tried to warn the world about the Wuhan coronavirus that is a genius idea by the way is absolutely genius idea I really hope that happens that would be fantastic also let's see here NASA confirms that Tom Cruise is filming a movie in space okay I get that he does his own stunts and all that stuff but isn't this kind of taken it like really far this I mean it's okay dude like you can do it in the studio and we will totally believe that it's happening right he's actually going to film a movie in space on the space station that's what they're doing Jim Bridenstine said the NASA is excited about it we need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists so that means he's going to be on a space shuttle he had to have plans to work with you on Moscow NASA so but NASA has confirmed that yes he is going to film inside the space station and I this is crazy so they haven't started filming yet I think it's all in pre production but he did a hell of a job and his last job in his last movie and I mean there's there's that's pretty crazy so anyway it's are you do studio we believe that we get it you do your stunts carbon emissions from the moon are forcing scientists to question the theory that was formed in a collision between earth and a wandering planet well then where did it come from yeah where did that come from maybe Tom Cruise confront what is up there that it was a Japanese spacecraft indicates an abundance of carbon on them and and this carbon would have it was thought that it would have been a radically different temperatures during impact the impact apoptosis may have to be modified to explain the carbons existence which is quite a mess in failings but Italians socially distance while soaking up the sun in the country now so the public can finally attend mass and other religious ceremonies beginning may eighteenth they've been locked down for such a long time so they're adjusting to the new normal in Italy because previously they have not even been allowed to leave their houses without permits and shopping was impossible but they've eased restrictions on shopping in supermarkets and they allow people to travel within their regions from markets to re open and the they said that the lockdown measures would return though if the infection spike again so but at least it's you know were were seen it reopened that much good night one of the the president's personal ballots has tested positive for corona virus and I literally only know what that is because of Downton abbey a White House source said that the man who had not been identified exhibited symptoms of Wednesday morning and that he tested positive for the virus it apparently reportedly hit the fan the west wing because the president is a super super germaphobe has always been that way so true Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick joins us next quick five is brought to you by cal tech innovation quality performance.

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