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All right. Let's go to the river. We're talking poker now poker just as well as you know basketball all right well. That's it for the twee place off keyboard. Joel that that that data that all right so nineteen eighty eighty-two somebody looked at the swamp thing comic book character and said that would make a great movie and they were right in a way because that would make a great movie unfortunately what they made they made was. Hey well the thing would. They made was a nineteen eighty two swamp thing. Yeah this commune interesting discussion. It's going to be all over the place. I think So after a violent incident with a special chemical or research scientist as turned into a swamp. Plant monster thank you i am. Dv technically that's true. This movie Now a little bit of the media history of swamp thing that swamping thousand eighty to nineteen eighty-nine return of the swamp thing came out Starring a one heather locklear as eb abby arcane. If you see the poster of this one it's awful. It's got swamping carrying heather locklear with with a thought bubble above her head. That says why can't men be more like plants. Where if you've seen the movie which i just watched it today. That's actually where she had at that tracks on. Nineteen ninety usa network premiered swamp thing tv series Had dick dirt. Ach reprising his role using a modified version of the return of the swamp in costume took a turn away from camp things and Leaned a little bit more towards of the darkness of west craven's version and lasted ninety three. I'm sorry last until ninety. Three with seventy two episodes victory de dictator dirac. What did i say rock. Dick the rock okay. There's animated series that nikolayevich nicole lodge went on at the same time was five episodes. Did not do well but it spot toys it. There were definitely toys. Yes and then two thousand and nine joel. Silver announced plans to reboot swamp thang franchise from a story written by of eka goldsman. Akiva goldsman akiva akiva. Kiva definitely akiva goldsman. Which i totally know this guy because he was a writer. Consulting producer are my favorite. Tv shows fringe. Yup yup good stuff. Good stuff which we got to figure out how to do that eventually. Vin sendo natalya was confirmed to direct. But eventually he decided to delay it and pursue other things. So we'll get onto that later so something that i had not known after so many years of watching this that i did not know that wes craven wrote and directed this movie really..

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