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She was indianapolis the president says is back i rogers stern fox news president trump in the hardest you'll concrete taking on critics of the terracings imposing on steel and aluminum imports not all of my friends on wall street love it but we love it because we know what it does many plants have just announced over the last few days that they're expanding opening steel is back it's going to be back to steal is back at aluminum is crack the president spoke in the eighteen th congressional district in pennsylvania which holds a runoff election this tuesday mr trump backing republican candidate rexecode and what the polls say we'll be a tight race against democrat conner lam police in pomona california of ended a standoff arresting the gunman who shot two officers one of them 33yearold gregory casillas died he is survived why is mother father two brothers my wife and two small children the mona police chief michel olivieri a yountville california police were hoping for the best when a former patient armed with a gun entered of the a home but it ended tragically with three va workers killed the gunman also took his own life identified as albert won the national rifle association throws down the gauntlet filing a lawsuit against the state of florida's new gun law the law signed yesterday by governor rick scott will require anyone who buys a firearm to be at least twenty one years old the nra says that violates the second amendment attorney general jeff sessions in washington today complaining about judges who invalidate laws judges should issue opinions legal appearance that pertained to the legal questions before them as part of the case and not through politics are sentiment session speaking to a symposium sponsored by the federalist society that's a group of conservative judges in law lawyers this is fox news fair and balanced in this in my life changed because someone was there to get me to use drugs no one can understand whether or not they shruggled with addiction themselves people seem to think that having someone who will listen his can help make it better i'm realising that i i need help i'm listening i need help i'm realizing that i think that having someone who will listen is going to help make it better.

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