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Evening news news time. 706 Art Sanders along with the least, Jaffe All this primary Election Night top stories from the camo 24 7 news center being Election day. It means you've got less than an hour to get your ballot in a this point, your best bet. Is to put it in a ballot Dropbox there about 470 of them across the state, and they will all close uniformly at 8 p.m. Tonight. If you use a USPS facility, you want to make sure it gets today's postmark because if it doesn't you will not have your ballot counted. Secretary of State Kim Woman says she expects a turnout of more than 60% of the 35 people running to replace Democrat James Lee in the governor's mansion will soon be whittled down to two Cuomos. Ryan Harris talked to some of the top In tender. Republican state Senator Phil Fortunato is among those hoping to unseat Endsley and he tells me First thing he'd do is fire transportation Secretary Roger Malark because he says, Millar believes nothing can eliminate traffic congestion. One of the jobs of the Transportation Department is to relieve contestant So I wrote him a letter and I said, If you can't do it, get out of the way and let somebody else who can. Fortunato says he'd also get businesses reopened, as would Republic police chief Lauren Cope, who says he'd bring out medical and other experts to advice? People on how to protect themselves and make sure their supply chains open. That's governor, you know, for equipment is needed and then let free individual citizens decide what's best for themselves, their family and their business. The other Democrat in the race is Don Rivers, who says the first thing he'd do is audit state departments, starting with the employment Security Department. Brian Harris. CAMO NEWS. The retirement of Congressman Danny Hecht has left an open seat in Washington's 10th Congressional District generally thought of as a safe Democratic district. The open seat has attracted 19 candidates, including the former to coma. Mayor Maryland, Strickland. And Seattle's chief of police is speaking out about a City Council plan to cut the police budget by 50%. Chief Carmen Best says she cannot lay off more than 70 officers overnight as proposed by the council push from counsel. Some of our community is to do these large scale changes in 2020 with no practical plan for community safety. I believe wholeheartedly that is completely reckless. Chief Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan are instead proposing $76 million in budget reductions for next year, which includes 20 million and cuts and 56 million and duty transfers from police. The City Council could vote on its proposed police budget amendments next week. The brothers have fallen by awful. Police officer Jonathan Shoop spoke of a good man who always did things the right way comes Carmine. Take reports on Officer Ships Memorial today at a location deliberately kept secret family members of the 32 year old Seattle native spoke of a cheerful little boy who grew to be a humble, dedicated public servant. My brother lived in humility. Older brother Jared Shupe is a Duval firefighter. He notes that Jonathan gave up a lucrative tech career at Amazon to become a police officer Jonathan valued character and service over title in status. The Ballard High grad also earned a B A from the University of Washington. Shoop was killed July 13th after a traffic stop in downtown brothel turned into a car chase than a gunfight. Korwin Hey HQ. Momo News. Five black lives matters. Protesters have filed a federal lawsuit claiming their civil rights were violated. Plaintiffs say there were the victims of indiscriminate police violence. We're forced to defend themselves or buying gas masks, helmets and other protective clothing, according to the Seattle Times. Their suit says this limited their right to peacefully protest a hearing on their motion set for August 25th. Lovely Tuesday night in Seattle Mariners taken on the Angels, the Miami Marlins getting to play baseball again more from Como's bill Sports July 26 when the Corona virus outbreak hit the Miami Marlins playing histories in Philadelphia test in contact, tracing determined 20 players and coaches first picked up Cove in 19 in Atlanta. Miami CEO Derek Jeter says contrary to rumors team members were not involved in risky behavior. You have to have dinner teammates house There were no other guests on site. There's no salaciousness activity. There's no hanging out at bars. Cheater admits A few guys let their guard down. Miami has been forced to call up several players from its taxi squad. The Seattle Mariners have brought up relief pitcher Joey Gerber from their 30 man reserve starter Kendall Graveman goes to the 10 day injured list with a chronic stiff neck. The Seattle Seahawks have put Runningback Rashad Penny on they physically unable to perform list. He's still recovering from a tornado C L last December. And first the Indianapolis 500 was moved from Memorial Weekend late August and now officials have decided no Spectators will be allowed inside to watch the great race. Sports updates in 10 and 40 after the hour, Bill Schwarz come on in. Come on news time. 7 11 In the small town of Elmira, New York, a boy was born into an all American family. The odds of him opening his own clothing store at the age of 18 1 in 138,000 excited to be a part of pop culture he packed for the Big city. The odds of finding someone to invest in his vision, one in 4.5 million theosophy him achieving his dream.

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