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I think a laboratory ones actually getting inside on goliath can with the javid so brutal he's got the best jab in the game right now may be you know along with ward i think it's going to be very difficult but i think you know believe it or not i didn't canales going to throw more bombs than than to live can i think it now goliath skains very meticulous he knows what he's doing is violante's predatory he's also in only manipulates the fighting he knows what he's going to do at all times i think can kanalelo does it how in a moment starts when he failed and he throws bombs he did that against mayweather all night and missed everything i don't think he's gonna miss every day against golob can i don't think alive ganz speedster i think he stands right there in comes forward and i think he's actually believe it or not hit a ball adding one of the problems that everybody has that he just bombs away in lands and knocks people out out before they have a chance to land on him danny jacobs fight with them should be the blueprint for kanalelo to watch tonight that fight they now in super schlomo over and over of how he fought him because he gave him a good fight lorenzo in virginia you're on cbs sports radio sharia ooh april i get a shadow right hannity has a long shot let me ask you a who's gonna wondered win this weekend be uh uh be at dallas color a receiver michael their nofly zone defense in a denver well i think gender uh obviously has a solid defense so far and i think they had to stop the chargers so i don't think it's the hardest thing in the world in fact they shot him down for three quarters in an rivers went wild on them and they tied the game and gone over time and they blocked a kick and that was that i didn't dallas is a lot better than the chargers antigang dow this is better than denver so if they got better game and if if z can run an open up for an and they can and if that can throw at and zeeks run and again any kind of productivity put it this way it he goes over one hundred yards and.

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