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I mean, the you know all right. He's, he's a little blubbery but, but he went he went in there and knock down Anthony Joshua. How about give him some credit instead of detracting from Anthony Joshua for what he didn't do give credit to Andy Ruiz for what he did do. Now, those of us who, who make our living in boxing, and we're immersed in boxing, we wanted to see Deontay wilder and Anthony Joshua fight. We're not gonna see that for an even longer amount of time. I don't think necessarily that will never that will never see it. Because in the past remember the biggest heavy. Wait fights of the last two and a half decades. The three biggest heavyweight fights were there. The progress toward making those fights was impeded by knockout losses. Mike Tyson got knocked out, and you didn't fight evanger Holyfield until I guess it was six years later right now. The Riddick Bowe Lennox Lewis fight never happened. So, you know, there's a possibility that wilder Joshua will never happen. But Lennox Lewis got knocked out in April of two thousand one he came back and avenged that loss, and, and really impressive fashion, and the member of that year, and then he fought Mike Tyson in his next fight. So it doesn't mean that we're not going to see the Joshua wilder fight just because this happened if he if Anthony Joshua comes back, and he knocks out Andrew reason the rematch. I'm not saying people forget it, but people have short memories, and they'll just say, okay, or that was a little blip on the re. And now we'll still get this fight. Now the wild there has to continue winning. What are going to be tough fights also against Louise? Ortiz and, and Tyson fury. Those aren't easy. Either. And then you could argue that the lost his fight against Tyson, fury. You know he officially did not. But there are a lot of people that think Tyson fury won that fight. So you know this is happened in heavyweight history. This is not the first time this has happened. It won't be the last, and we just haven't had a huge heavyweight fight that we're building towards such a long time. We've probably forget, some of those things sometimes, but I don't think that this ruins the fight in the long-term certainly in the short term, it does. But in the long term, we still might see it. Last one, I would like your opinion on whether or not you feel Dion Tae made a mistake, not taking that design deal now that we see what happened to Joshua. Well, here's the thing. How do you taken that? There's own deal, Anthony Joshua still would have gotten knocked out on Saturday night by someone else. So. Yes, I guess, from a mathematical standpoint, you could argue that he made a mistake, but he made around twenty million dollars to fighting Dominic Brazil, they'll make a little more than that to fight. We saw tease again. So I mean, I guess, but who's to get in someone else's pocket and say what he if he's okay with it. I mean. I would personally if someone put a four or five hundred twenty million dollar deal in front of me, I would have taken it if I were in his position, but he's okay with what he decided to do. But the one thing that, that I can't emphasize enough and, and I've said this on other podcasts, and in other interviews, if you keep taking risks against guys who were big and strong and can punch, even guys who were considered inferior fighters or huge underdogs. You're gonna get clipped at some point. And that's what happened Saturday night. That could very well happen to the wilder if you know if you keep taking Luiz Ortiz might be forty five years old might be who knows how old he is right where he can punch, and he didn't look particularly goodness last night against Christian hammer, but he can punch. So it's, it's a risk for Deontay also, if they fight and it's looking like that fight is not going to be in September..

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Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

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