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You're listening to the nfl on tunein as no huddle with brian weber and kordell stewart let's continue the kirk cousins conversation take your around the league with a great friend of the program it's tyler done all bleacher report tyler thanks so much for taking the time though it's been a busy day for you and the rest of the football journalists with the news that jordy nelson has signed with the oakland raiders let's go back to how he was available on the free market you know the culture green bay well i understand they want to spend a ton of money although they added jimmy graham but given the relationship between our and rogers and jordy nelson we surprised at all that nelson got the free agency a little bit i guess i thought they made me randall tab would be the guy that has a short end of the stick because exactly save some money there i know clothe them one of them but a little bit of fries jordy nelson that randall cobb but not a surprise when you kind of see why they did it i mean it makes so much sense you can take on jimmy graham and the kind of money that he's gonna demand thirty mil over thirty three years i think it's a no brainer i mean he's he's younger they haven't had a dynamic tight end like that this offense and drew michael finley was released in his prime before his career and neck injury so it makes me look jordy nelson i know he was pretty good in the red zone when he had aaron rogers the first month and a half of the caesar so but he absolutely lost his staff i mean you you could see it he just really wasn't the the home run threat that he was even the year before so it's kind of a calculated risk and and moving on from a player before you really think he's gonna fall off a cliff and it worked out they got jimmy grams it'd be.

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