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NewsRadio time is one zero two. No charges will be filed against Aurora. Police officers who responded to a disturbance call and wound up shooting and killing a man who was trying to protect his family. Richard Gary black was a Vietnam veteran. He had hearing issues and he adjusts shot and killed a man who broke into his family's home. When officers arrived at the home. They saw man who had a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other when they ordered him to drop the weapon he did not respond and instead pointed the flashlight toward the officers one of them responded and fired his weapon. Four times the decision. Not to file charges was based on body Cam footage and the crime scene reports in Adams county, the man accused of killing teenager, Natalie Bolinger has pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Joseph Lopez had claimed that Bollinger shot herself. And that also she wanted to be shot and killed. Her body was found in Adams county in late December of last year. Lopez will face forty eight years in prison. The Denver Broncos now six and six on the year are preparing for the San Francisco forty Niners on Sunday, the Broncos decided against putting cliff Harris junior on I r and they're hoping he might return either for the last game of the year. Maybe a playoff game Harris fractured his leg on Sunday in the victory over the Bengals yesterday. Harris gave us an update better today is standing you can't do.

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