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All right. We're we're in Brooklyn. This is not QBC. Boy, it's all happening in Brooklyn urban outfitters, Williamsburg, it's the best. We're not we're not near Williamsburg, and I have not been to an urban outfitters didn't probably twenty years, but we are in. Closer to Guan, and we're doing a political talk show from the left. We have to use the indigenous first nation tribe. Name we have to call it. The want us after the after the Indians who so cruelly tried to massacre the white people as they tried to build their homes and bring Jesus to the land that the Indians the red Indians red engines now how you're gonna miss turbot that what did she say? Now. Curren? Why folks to bring Jesus to land, right? All those things you said offensive. Do you know how big a piece of my heart in the red engine has? No, I don't. Heart. They've a big piece of your heart. But why would you pay a heart? No ill will how you could misinterpret and and imply any negative intent what I just said about the red engines massacre in the white people who were just trying to build a home and bring Jesus to the land next. You're going to say it was wrong to even smallpox infested blankets. That was that was a bad thing. It was about smallpox before Sam they'd never had it before Noah blankets. So you're welcome. Well, I don't think people want smallpox even for the first time. They never had it before have they now they know you get a chance to note. No, thank you. I did not want smallpox. Now. I know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the blank think. That's a problem. Right. I mean, she I mean, they they it's it was deadly. I'll tell you what the problem is that I cannot tell my artisanal moonshine I'm trying to fill my kids moonshine. You know, what sounds like Brooklyn might be played? I get my artisanal moonshine I won't won't talk to talk you. to you. Is that your each all know my name is Sam what? So any height Smith? Excuse me. Shoshana. No Sam my name is Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam I wanna talk to you little bit later on about distribution of my artisanal small batch farm-to-table ethically. Butchered bespoke moonshine Brooklyn, I don't understand those things proceeds go to the confederate the confederacy Dow, Cindy heights. And to me, I listen, Cindy, hides hiccup Dhia, you'll you'll learn everything you need to know about me on hiccup -pedia. I I will do that. What do you think your chances are you're election? I believe is in about. Better than good bed and good. I'm going. I'm going to win. You know, what I say, I say gerrymander, Jerry, Jerry have you met gerrymander? No. Well, then my Jerry. A person. I mean, I believe if I'm not mistaken. He's he's helpful. He help them. And listen to me governor Phil Bryant knew when he put me in office that I was gonna do good job. And I'm a winner when I was involved with agriculture and commerce. Everybody knew was winter. Yes. I have a gap in my bottom teeth. But that is just I sit corncob touching there. Some people have made fun of that gap in my bottom teeth. Some people have said it looks like I'm on a mess. Well, yeah. Maybe I have a face like that. Maybe I look like I was born in butcher holler. And I was a coal miner's daughter. In fact, I was a coal miner's daughter. In fact, I mean, where are you a coal miner's daughter or no, yeah. And I got married. Well, fifteen hundred having babies fifteen then I was a country singer for while I was called the first lady country and true, then I had a brief a sabbatical. And then I got involved in politics, but I was born a coal miner's daughter. And then my first thing was do little and we had lived in butcher holler. And then we moved and then I had my babies, and then I started saying country. I learnt how to play guitar, and I was called the first lady a country, and then I stopped, and then I got into politics..

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