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News Radio. I'm Mike Piazza new allegations of sexual misconduct against supreme court nominee cavenaugh this time from former Yale classmate, Deborah Ramirez Ramirez, alleges Cavanaugh exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party Cavanaugh issuing a statement saying this is a smear plain and simple in the White House. Also saying it stands firmly behind judge Cavanaugh. Fox's Brian Bentley. Both Ramirez in Dr blazey Ford will testify before the nominating committee this Thursday, it took more than five years, but tiger is back on top in the world of golf. I've explained for out the year. The I just didn't know whether you know, when this whatever happening in. If I could somehow piece together a golf swing now this year. Fuck I could do it. My hands are good enough. Tiger Woods with reporters reflecting on challenges. He faced over the years. Fox news. We report you. Rush, Hannity and Fox News talk radio ninety eight point three and fifteen ten wwl. As e. Iheartradio station. Welcome back to.

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