Wisconsin, President Trump, William Galvin discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


News radio 65 degrees in Boston at 10 o'clock. Good evening. I'm done. Here's what's happening. Thea Activation of 1000 members of the Massachusetts National Guard will come to an end in a couple of hours at midnight tonight, and officials says they were activated Friday due to the potential for a large scale demonstrations. President Trump ignoring pleas from Wisconsin's governor and the mayor of Kenosha to stay away from the state. They fear his presence tomorrow will spark more violence more from ABC Zandi Field in Washington. President Trump says he's ignoring Wisconsin's political request not to visit Kanno Shion. I have to see the people that did such a good job for me, and we're meeting with numerous people, and we have Tremendous support in the state of Wisconsin. So I promised them when it all gets taken care of will be the president. Not mentioning that Wisconsin is a contested swing state he hopes to win for re election and the field. ABC NEWS Washington The president says he has no plans to meet with Jacob Lakes family Blake shot by police. He remains hospitalized and partially paralyzed. Primary Election Day and the Commonwealth tomorrow. Polls opening at 7 A.m. closing at eight PM The key contest incumbent Democratic Senator and Marquis being challenged by Congressman Joe Kennedy been on extraordinary year for virtually everything about our lives on elections and no different We're having an election tomorrow. I think under the most unusual circumstances, Secretary of State William Galvin on the eve of Primary day, Galvin says the majority of Massachusetts voters more than a million have already cast their ballot by mail. Another quarter million voters are expected to go to the polls on primary day, Galvin says in a year in which covert is the big concern, voters should not worry about coming out to vote. We've gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the polls are Safe.

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