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So how do you what is that all about in terms of this context of being coachable? I don't know if Frank logo is ever. That was kind of everyone. It seemed like everyone was on the same page with that, too. Did he was going to play the 5? And so it's not like those conversations. Those conversations had to have happened. And he's not playing the 5. And they're terrible. So I'm going to come up with an analogy. It'll be real stupid, but I'm going to say no. Oh, I can't wait. It reminds me a lot of when you're a kid and your parents tell you you have to go in the bedroom and sleep with the light off. You're like, but I don't want to 'cause something I just don't make me do it. And eventually you turn the light off and then you fall asleep and you're fine. That's kind of what this feels like. Anthony Davis is not wanted to play the 5 for years going back to the New Orleans years. It's very, very clear. He's never wanted to do that. The only time where there wasn't really a conversation about it that I can remember was when he played really briefly with boogie. Because it was like, okay, both of y'all are going to play so it's not really a question of whether you need to play up a position down. I mean, he's like a center in today's, it's very clear. It's better for him. Offensively, no question, I think because I remember dealing with this a lot when I covered Carmelo and New York, Carmelo didn't really want to play the four. And if you asked them directly, he wouldn't straight deny it. That was a thing. And he's like, I'm willing to play wherever. But he really didn't want to and the people in the organization would tell you that. Carmelo would talk about how difficult it was to have to play against guys like Zach Randolph. So I will say this and Davis credit today is his credit. For how fragile he is and I was just mentioning that about 15, 20 minutes ago in the podcast if there's something to be said for the toll that that maybe takes on your body defensively that maybe we can't appreciate as people watching the game as people analyzing the game. Then so be it. You know, particularly for how often he gets hurt. There may be some truth to that. And so who am I to tell someone that, you know, that that might not be the best thing for their body? I will tell you this, the way that team is built, they're not going to have much of a chance without him playing the 5. So it might be a form of sacrifice that maybe he's just not comfortable with, but again, the longer view of it is that Anthony Davis has never wanted to play the 5. So if it's specific to this year, fine, but I don't know, it's interesting because to me it's not quite a coachability question there. But also part of that is like he's always been that way. So maybe it is. And maybe we should view it that way. But yeah, I mean that obviously was always going to be one of the bigger questions for the Lakers. And even with all that evidence, still really doesn't want to play down there..

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