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The nothing in the Bolton revelations even if true would rise to the level of an abusive power or an impeachable offense you cannot impeach a President on an unsourced manuscript that maybe some reports have an idea. Maybe what it says listen. I don't I don't know what John Bolton's book says or doesn't say. Are we really going to require a country to wait until his book comes out to find out information that senators could have used I I like to hear for John. Bolton and president trump ambassador Bolton said diametrically opposed things only one of them is willing to testify under under oath. Who Do you believe wouldn't quote you even as an anonymous source you'd be on deep backward? Can you tell me what you know. We are the Great Satan Lord of the underworld master of the raging inferno. Listen I'm tired of your chicken Shit Games. I don't want hands. I need to know what you know. If you continue to lie cheat and deceive yes there will indeed be held a pay Eh. The worst in American history. I have an article to have the right to do whatever I want as president whatever. I want This is intercepted. And I'm Jeremy Scahill coming from the offices of the intercept in New York City and this is episode. Fourteen of intercepted.

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