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You think while they sure do freddie taylor lawrence taylor the official nfl taylor yeah so i thought that was cool though would you put it on would you do you guys think that's like a like a folk the cop before you actually win at now the only problem is like you know you have to concern yourself with if you put it on do you do something where you end up ripping it or perhaps getting a stain on it you you have to be legitimately concerned if you go down there out here lacquer grilled out in just if it's yacky jackie slept in the jacket i think yeah so we've had a lot of a lot of fun today and someone will have fun with us going to the cat no trip and the pro football hall of fame two big topics today has really been about the cobs and where they stand down the joe matt like i had a thought about joe madden earlier like is much criticism is i hear on twitter and i try not to go cap on people where i take a vocal minority and really try to sum up that this is the way a fan base feels i think on twitter a lot of times that can be an overrated thing they think people feel one way about something but all that is is just allowed minority with people with a twitter are you talking about that earlier but he was a little teed off at the number of the he's had the most he's ever gotten anywhere for doing anything for doing the college world series didn't chime in when he was talking about joe bought because most joe bucket i liked joe buck i do too better to be honest with you i like him better doing baseball and football i think in football he coasts but that's just me that's nice coast because i think it's just an easy game you do in the nfl it's the biggest game there is he's got the next i'm just going to wait till the cardinals start playing again i mean really he's got he's got the next door as run up the lane and trail break it down for you you are one of the hottest i'm just i'm just telling you i like him for baseball i think he's good i think he builds the excitement for baseball so you joe bock brunt of my favorites on jobs ever so the topic to me came up when we were listening to rally and i've said this a lot on the show to that i believe that joe madden sets the perfect culture for these players on his team to succeed and i think it's an important part of sports whether management sets the culture whether the the coach or the manager sets a culture i think culture within the walls of the building is a very important aspect of winning in all of sports in any business i think if you go to work in a culture is good and it's a positive vibe right you enjoy your work every day that more times than not you're gonna be productive i'm with you freddie players are paid to execute the hitting coach thing to me is always been the biggest scapegoat argument there is the.

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