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I'm Tom McCarthy sitting at Ryan eagle eye and had a busy night tonight. And congratulations to our buddy. I he received the two thousand eighteen Marty Glickman award at his album circus university for leadership in sports and his anybody who's ever come into contact with IOT there's a better broadcaster and so diverse, but just not a better guy out there in this industry. So -gratulations too I and who got a chance to celebrate with his family as son goes to Syracuse, how he dinner off our or any producer there as well. Executive producer. I just demoted Howie. Like, I'd be be careful be careful. Syracuse has really turned out a lot of great broadcasters. Are they really have I've visited there several times? Nick bollards the starting quarterback for the Niners goes back to work. He does. So after having a very eventful I couple series. Knight of eleven hundred three yards the rookie at a southern misery second-year pro at a southern busy has evolved to Breda reader runs. Right. Hurdles over defender gets to yards up close to the twenty seven yard line or twenty six yard should say. It'll be second. Daddy. Why? I really like Brita. He he he not a very big guy. But he runs hard. He went right off. Right. Tackle again. You know, only two or three are game. But but he really great effort. Off the play fake bullet sets up with a pocket. Throws his hat. It's incomplete. He was trying to go toward us, Jack. Reggie Nelson makes the tackle receiver number forty four. Whereas in the area. Let's us check there. There's a flag deep at the secondary holding versus the raiders, but that's going to hurt again. They've had three penalties that have really hurt them prior to the past only number twenty one while five yard penalty, automatic I out. That's hotly. The second year pro at of Ohio State so five yard penalties. The Baltin thirty one. He was holding marquees Goodwin. By the way, George Kittle is back. In fact, was it on that last play he returned for the locker room while the Niners raw defense. So that's a good sign which good to see because he's really been very fine player for them. So far this season four hundred five yards after the catch for kit. That's a good tight end. He's lied up on the left side. He's there with Garrick Celik breeders the backfield by itself bullets the second year pro at a southern miss under center. The pitch goes to read running left looking for some blockers. Not that there. He goes right out of bounce. He loses six on a play to ear Whitehead was in other pursuit. White headed a great job. That was a quick quick bitch to the left side, and that was speed versus speed Whitehead had to fight off a blocker. But then forced breed outside out of bounds. So great job by Whitehead on the plane say it's only a loss of five so seconded fifty six thirty to play first app. Fourteen three San Francisco looking to throw throws to the right guard, solid. It's broke it up. Darryl Worley broke it up. He got a hand in right at the last moment. That's a solid defensive play. Yeah. It was great. It was good throw. Good route. You've got to give credit to Joe Worley. He played it. Very very well got his hand in there. Foreseeing completion. Now. Subtypes third downs are overblown coach but the Niners four for four third doubts. This is the most real estate they have to make up though, it's third down and fifteen now this is a tough one. And you can use the pass rush should becoming kiddle. It boasted. The backfield us check is there as well. Play clocked out of five high snap. Polls has precious covet grows to the leper use deck, and he is smothered at the thirty yard line. Nncholas borrow makes the tackle he shy of the first doubt PJ hall was pressuring. It'll be fourth out of the Niners will send Bradley opinions upon that time the defensive front four of the raiders used to tackle. Tackle endgame twisted and put pressure on the quarterback. So Nick Mullins had to throw it. He did a good job. It's going underneath. But not enough for the first down Dwayne Harris back deep at the thirty yard line for Oakland. The. Averaging forty two and a half yards per punt. He spirals this. What to the beer sideline? A fair catches Paul by Harris. It takes a niner's bounce inside the and it stopped at the six yard line. Harris. I believe thought it was going to bounce out of bounds at the twenty yard line. It did not so five forty six to play first half. It's the forty Niners fourteen the raiders three a sixty four yard punt here. Listen to Thursday night football on Westwood One. If you.

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