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You saw where the goal came from. It's a square ball 30 yards that you're going across the field. You put air along in a very compromising position. Yes, Aaron long could have cleared the ball could have done anything he could have besides trying to play out of that. He tries playing out of that and it's root one. One of the faster players for Mexico and they come down your throat that way. But killing a Costa needs to be a better player. Kelly Costa has shown that he can be a better player. Killing the Costa right now has the luxury of being the only like for like player right now in the pool when it comes for or as close as like to like as you can get to Tyler Adams. So this was disheartening for me. I'm a big believer in Kellen Acosta and at one point he was the next big thing to go to Europe. It didn't work out for him, but you could still think he'd be a Utah player. And what is this pool? He's not shown that. He didn't show that in Arizona. Yeah, it's expectations at this level, right? You figure a guy of his pedigree would do well if not dominated this level. I thought somebody who would do very well at this level was Brandon Vasquez. I thought he would be better. I felt a little bit disappointed in his performance, especially given the opportunity there at number 9. I wonder what you thought of Jesus fede a before the goal because I think obviously if one play can change your opinion of sergino dest, I'm sure the same can be said for his first feda. Yeah, before the goal, it's a difficult position because when you look at what's going on as the ball is moving around and why they're not creative, why they have nothing going forward in the final 30. Look, the expected goals it was abysmal. It was the worst showing offensively that they had since 2018 versus France. That Dave Sarah inside. There was nobody to kind of interlink to kind of drive the ball forward at a mosa Weston McKinney. Luca de la Torre with vision. They didn't have that. So he was trying to be that, pick it up in between pockets, but there was nobody to play with. He looked a little lost in there, but to his credit, he got a goal. And you can say whatever you want about it. And there are many who will say, and I'm not, and I'm not somebody who was a fan of him playing the game he played against the Netherlands in the World Cup, but he seems to be productive when he gets a chance for both club and country and at the rate he's going right now in club. He could be in Europe soon. So you want to play like him to succeed when he gets chances. It's just the eye test, not necessarily his past it, but he's got he's got the stats. And just because I know people are screaming at their television screens right now, we should probably mention Aaron long didn't have his best night either. Let's get to Mexico, herc. Stock up stock down. We will start again with that three on the positive side. And I'm going Luis Chavez. Now this one was pretty obvious to me. To me, he was the best player on the field, not only for Mexico, but of all 22

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