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Somehow somehow didn't get it. You lucked out there. Just just a couple more questions real basic one here assume you're somebody listening to this podcast and you're thinking I really do want to do fashion, but I haven't got that portfolio yet I. Haven't got anything to show anyone other than you know pictures of family or something like that. What advice if you got for somebody? Who's got the desire and is just starting out. You, know I I. Don't know I really think that you know the more you practice. Like I said some other people take different roads where they. You know they. Go to school, maybe photography and they. Go Straight to sixteen. You know maybe a are a successful photographer and sheer. He gives them opportunity to you know they kind of break off from that and then kind of go in building clients. I think you know these companies that have econ studios I really think that it's it's really good if you can get in even as an intern to like ECOMMERCE, studio, or something and. Show your interest in photography and maybe. A you know like really pendant. Build your build your portfolio on your own like you know whether you love portraiture, photography, or fashion or anything maybe like a local store will be kind in? Let you use their clothes and you have a model. It's kind of like all these people that you meet in the beginning like you just find people that basically have the same goals you because those people. Even if they're not in a berry, they're not are established and their nine that they're kind of coming up with the you. So all the people that you meet in photography school and all this like there are people that might end up being in a position before you that they can give you a shot at you. Know something so there. Are Director stylists, or you know of it. Has has to do with people. You know what you do have to have the work behind it. You do have to start from the bottom and just shoot whatever you can, and just kind of mold your style whether it is shooting family or photo, journalism styles or Of people are you know and and once you have that all that under your belt new worked enough where you have enough someone you know will just give you a chance and I think working with all these other creative people. You kind of all come up at the same time and. I don't know I think that you know you just really have to be flexible because you're gonNA. Get shot down the line. There's GonNa be times where you really got to do all this other work in assisting and other things..

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