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To the va haas casino there have been a number of road closures in the areas south of the eight freeway at west will does road but the freeway itself remains open several mobile homes have been destroyed by the fire and several homes in the area are threatened wind gusts been clocked up to twenty miles an hour where temperatures are over a hundred degrees this afternoon several buildings on camp pendleton have been evacuated due to another brush fire burning on the base this afternoon it's burning in the made side area of the base from santa margarita to deludes evacuations have been ordered for lake oh neil ncis building and delusions cdc the extreme heat forced most of us to stay indoors today news as shannon handy is at iron mountain with important reminders for anyone headed outdoor has picked up in this area but it still feels very hot out here iron mountain is one of at least four hiking trails close in the county today the others include three sisters cedar creek and the front side of mount woodson despite the closures we still found hikers out here today it was a tough climb because there was like a wind and it was a really hot win so almost felt like a furnace but then once he got to the top was a cooler win but that's like three miles up so just a really steep climb the race to save a tie soccer team found alive in a cave is turned deadly overnight for one volunteer diver who passed out underwater authorities say there's little time left to get the boys out before heavy rains returned to the region cbs news ben tracy shows us the latest efforts to rescue the team is running out and so is oxygen as crews worked frantically to pump water out of the flooded cave where twelve boys and their soccer coach are trapped we so many workers in the underground complex authorities are rushing to install a three mile long oxygen to a former tiny vce diver died from lack of oxygen overnight when he passed out underwater video shows sergeant major soman kuhnen before boarding a plane to join the rescue effort he said be on our side to bring the boys back home we've monsoon rains in the forecast this weekend.

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