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Laki locker. Sohn four phenomenal guests coming your way today on this terrific tuesday. We are less than a month away from the start of the nba season. The nba's in the news. We can't wait to bet the nba here on the show. So you know we have to bring on our path. Matt moore from the action network first time on since the nba finals in the nba draft. To break it all down. How about trista creek to make her you better. You bet. Debut one of the new house of bed. Mgm tonight. she's an absolute star. She's a cowboys fan. She loves the nba. Lots of fun stuff coming up some wage retainment with trista creek as we move along in the show. Joey connect pro sports better absolutely insane baby with winning picks for college football baby. And we've got ryder cup. Baby james mazzola for profit. Podcast a little jingle as a usa usa usa. Unless we're going to be betting on europe. i don't really know davies. All is going to tell us coming up in our number three of today's show plus monday night football recap betting and otherwise. It was a good night for the crew. We will dive into all of it momentarily year. What's next for the packers. And what's next for the the terrible detroit. Lions so many slaps ken barclay and so little time. He's a slap week to addition to end this hour number. One on this terrific tuesday. I am generally of the opinion that i like to undersell and over deliver. I'm going to say that. I think this one has an opportunity to be one of the best ones. We've done both old and the new version. He's a slap for week two in the national football league. We've got the great ken. Barclay your favorite handicappers favourite handicapper. And you're going to see these bets all over the place coming up tomorrow because kens gonna give out the games. He's already been for week number three in the national football league in the power hour of today's show. We're gonna play whatever you prefer little. Nfl futures edition. We're going to do this today. Tomorrow and thursday on the show a nice fun reset ear on nfl futures through two weeks of the season cannon. I gotta give you our takes on all of them. It's tuesday day to a blockbuster and on the second day of locked santa lockers gives to us. I'm not quite sure yet. we're gonna find out texted..

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