General Austin Austin, Beau Biden, Iraq discussed on PBS NewsHour


Now returning to President elect Biden's choice to run the Defense Department, retired Army General Lloyd Austin. Several candidates were much talked about for this post and Biden's pick has sparked a variety of reactions here Now Nick Schifrin for 40 years, Lloyd Austin was a barrier breaking soldier. The first black officer commanded division in combat and command the theater of war. He had some of the most difficult commands. Including Iraq before the 2011 US withdraw. It's going to take the Iraqi government, Iraqi people will continue to make the right decisions work together. President elect Biden worked with Austin in Iraq and attended the ceremony where Austin received command and the vice president's late son, Beau Biden, who died in 2015 served on Austin staff. Article today. Biden call's Austen calm under pressure and praised Austin's logistical success in withdrawing from Iraq. Biden says Austin will use those skills to quarterback covert vaccine logistics. Biden wrote their line strategically, and Austin's nomination was a quote milestone. This really is historic African Americans have served in higher numbers than the percentage of the population, United States. I'm show it zah about time. Dana Petard is a retired two star general who served with Austin in Iraq when they fought Isis. He's the author of the book Hunting the Caliphate. He had our forces with all of of our coalition allies. Fight Isis on numerous fronts. It took strategic vision and an operational approach to be able to pull that off. That was General Austin Austin also served in the Pentagon is the former Army vice chief of staff. He ran the day in and day out staff business in the Pentagon. So he has an intimate knowledge of things, at least on how the Pentagon should work as a senior leader. But Austin's domination has critics. He retired only 40 years ago and would therefore need a congressional waiver to serve is the civilian secretary of defense. Congress has only approved that waiver twice for former World War 25 Star General George Marshall and for President Trump's First Defense secretary James Mattis, Austin's predecessor, its Central command. In 2017, top Senate Armed services. Democrat Jack Reed supported Madison's waver but warned it was the last waving law should have a no more than once in a generation. Therefore, I will Not support a waiver for future nominees today read kept his options open during a windy interview. In all fantasy,.

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