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The Sooners Cowboys and the rest of the big twelve. Here's your host Randy Renner, and Eric gene, Dodd Miller and good morning everyone. And well, this could be a very interesting Saturday. They always you Cowboys this morning on the road and Lawrence to take on the Kansas jayhawks in a game is really need to look pretty good. And and certainly need to get a win and down in Norman this afternoon. Two thirty on a C the Sooners host the Baylor bears after I interesting game against army or less than stellar game against army. That's the best way to put it. This defense is looked terrible in their last couple of games I against Iowa State then against army and that sands Kenneth Murray and Curtis Bolton who. For fifty one tackles last week, and I may be off on that. And maybe fifty to my bats a little fuzzy. But those two guys look good rest of the defense, especially the defensive line did not look good. And I will tell you from just being down in Norman this week Mike stoops couldn't be more happy to see Baylor coming to town after what would down last week against the black knights. All right. When we come back. We'll talk about that game. When we'll talk about Baylor coming in. And I've got a lot of things to say about the Cowboys what has gone on this weekend, still water. And then what may happen up in Kansas later on today? We'll be right back. This is game day Saturday from the Owen when.

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