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Let guys like davison who maybe didn't have the longevity but like those years speak for themselves he was above and beyond when when you have a guy who moves like. Jamal did that yards per carry. Average alone should like signal like man. I didn't even watch him but it's not like he played behind great law. It's not like he was running behind. Willie roaf like priest. Holmes did it's not like he was planned for great head coaches. it's not like matt. Cassel kept defenses. Honest you know. The guy was playing for like a rotation of offensive coordinators. You plan for the worst quarterbacks in ireland until like read comes in the area. He was the most dynamic player to watch. It's like The chiefs lucked out to me to me. Jamaal charles was the most dynamic offense of weapon in the game when he was healthy. The chiefs have that now and tyree kill the single most dynamic offensive weapon in the game. We've been lucky. Have to in the last decade or so So yeah to me. it's. I'm with you except i take it all the way out like i'm i'm so against the hall of longevity that i think frank gore is in no way a hall of famer get that get that out of here no way not. In any season frank gore was never one of the top five running backs in football that he played so even a frank gore place twenty five seasons i would never identify frank gore as like. Oh yeah. he was one of five best that year. No he wasn't he was always. I mean he was always like a top ten back. He just played for forever and sometimes top fifteen. I just don't get his hall of fame case to me. I think he's great good to great for very long time. means he'll get into teams ring of honor or whatever's going on there but but You know to me. How many defense. How many defensive coordinators went into their weekly game planning beyond like. What are we going to do about franken yet. Nobody nobody ever like you were never like shit man. We gotta play frank gore this week. You know right. Julio jones go into the titans. I was like damn it. I don't want that guy in the titans. She's have to play that guy he's really good. I don't wanna have to deal with them. I get even when. I know that the chiefs are better than the titans. Derrick henry can record game he can record game. It doesn't matter. Nobody's ever said that about frank gore and they said that about jamaal charles. I think make excellent points. It's just absurd and you know. I don't know why we cling to this idea that that that well you just you have to play a certain amount of time where you had to have one super bowls super bowl's like those are like their bonuses right. They like their resume adar's but like the idea is how good were you there. Fifty three guys on the team like there are eleven dudes on the field. This isn't like the nba. Where like you can be so good that you can just win a game by yourself like that doesn't really happen in the nfl. With maybe the exception of patrick mahomes. Who's absolutely insane. you know. there's not too many people who could just put a team on their back. That way football it. Just schimmel charles. Todd would not play in todd. Was thomas jones in there. let's get todd's carries. Thomas jones is veteran. Leadership was all about the intangibles plan..

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