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Don't know what he drank. I don't know. I remember seeing multiple interviews with him, because he's been sober for a long time. Yeah. Who doesn't love her fresco? No. I'm a senior misconduct, you know. It is what it is. Real. That's why burger street's cherry limeade is so delicious. They use their mist. Little known fact. It's not your thoughts. Okay. No, I agree with all the statements that have been said. It really reminded me of an early Game of Thrones. It's like a bubble episode. There's plots. There's back plots, there's subplots. There's some subplots. Everyone's kind of conniving with each other. And he says it at the very beginning, King Henry says, listen, here's how this is going to go down. He's going to come in. I'm going to fucking throw out an offer. He's going to counteroffer. I'm going to counter counter offer. And we're just going to bicker the entire time and there's going to be Friday. And then in the end, I'll win, because I'm the king, and that's what I do. And then that's exactly what happens. And I don't think anybody expected it to go there on the way it did, or it would be used like pawns, but I thought it was awesome. I mean, the acting was amazing. I had never seen this. Anthony Hopkins obviously is a great actor. Oh, yeah. But the entire cast was amazing. If this is not the character that inspired Cersei, I don't know what is. Yeah. Definitely. Like, she was such an amazing iconic just powerful. She came in, she owned the room. She was chill. She wasn't overly emotional, but you could tell that she had a lot of love for I guess Richard for some reason, but they do. They all love each other. Yeah. You know, that was Cersei's thing. She loved Joffrey for fuck all who knows why. But she was going to do anything to get him on the throne. And I got a lot of the same vibes. I had to do a lot of research on French geography to get through this movie. I don't know about you guys, but I was just like, what the fuck are all these provinces? Where England owns part of France now? They did. What? They did. And the vexin? I want the Aquitaine. I want the Aquitaine. And one of the St. John lost a lot of that territory back to Philip back to Timothy Dalton in real life. Well, and that was when Philip was getting more powerful. He was like, I'm no longer a boy. Yeah. I'm a king. I am no man's boy. And so that is why basically that area became permanently French. Was it because John was such a weak? Yeah, long story short, John was busted at so. John was a busted asshole. Also 1183 kind of surprised me. I didn't know that went as far back. I kind of expect it to be like, oh, 1300s, 1400s. It goes way back there. It does. This is King Henry's a very early king of England. I mean, this is early in that. Yeah. I mean, they talked about fighting like saxons and Barbarians and stuff. Which those all came over from Norway. Yeah, the Norman revision, I think was 1160. That's all I know. The ten 60 ten 66 76..

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