Baseball, Alex Cora, Senator Roy Blunt discussed on Dave Ramsey



San Francisco Oakland San Jose you lose station special report democratic presidential debate six Democrats have been debating tonight and the morning their final face off before the Iowa caucuses February third correspondent Steve cast about was at Drake University differences became apparent as the candidates were asked whether they would take all U. S. troops out of the Middle East but collectively all six attacked the policies of the trump administration in the region the candidates further distinguish themselves from one another when they argued over whether Medicare for all was the right solution for healthcare in the US toward the end of the first hour Sanders denied telling senator Warren that he thought a woman couldn't win the presidency he said thirty years ago we talked about how a woman could be president Warren held firm in her claim and said the only people on the stage you have won every single election that they've been in are the women Steve casting down into Moines Iowa Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren and Pete booted edge are tightly clustered at the top of the democratic field in Iowa in recent polling I'm in Kate's articles of impeachment will be sent to the Senate tomorrow where lawmakers are preparing for trial yes there will be a trial says senator Roy blunt a member of the Senate Republican leadership team the Senate he says will not dismiss the process out of hand this process needs to be a process where everybody is heard and that the person who would benefit the most from everybody being heard is the president and while the president himself has tweeted about a motion to dismiss blunt says we can't just have a one sided process that suddenly ends Linda Kenny on Capitol Hill the Boston Red Sox have fired manager Alex Cora mid major league baseball's probe into sign stealing the red Sox are under investigation for stealing signs in chorus first season as manager in twenty eighteen when Boston won the World Series on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average closed up thirty three points the S. and P. five hundred down five the nasdaq up twenty three IBM.

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