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Miller, the top local stories we're following for you at this hour in Maryland, semi-automatic rivals, including AK-47 style weapons are banned, but that ban could be in jeopardy. There is an appeals court weighing arguments from Maryland, gun owners, who call the gun rules on constitutional. The lawsuit alleges banning these types of weapons and fringes on rights to use commonly possessed firearms for self defense. Maryland's assistant attorney general Robert Scott. We dispute that these weapons are in common use for self defense. Turning for the plane of Patterson argues that many Supreme Court decisions affirm these weapons are constitutionally protected because they are not unusual in society at large. There are over 20 million of these firearms in the United States, roughly 60% of the people use these for self defense in the home. The case is being rehashed after the appellate court ruled in favor of the state, it was then sent to the Supreme Court who sent it back to the fourth circuit with instructions to keep a recent ruling that found New York gun carry laws on constitutional. Luke Luger WTO P news. A decision is expected in the coming months. New today we're learning more about a deadly shooting between an FBI agent and another man at the metro center station last week And a redacted report police reiterate what happened during the incident that left 28 year old Troy Bullock dead. It identifies him as the suspect and says he pushed the agent over a concrete railing where they both fell about 8 feet. The report says the FBI agent shot Bullock shortly after killing him. It also says that bullet had a gun on him at the time, but it doesn't say if he had it out before he was shocked, also not included, is the identity of the FBI agent. The report does, however, state that Bullock was a felon in possession of a weapon. Acacia James WTO news. If your vehicle is taller than 7 feet, it'll cost you more to drive uncertain area roads. Virginia toll rates on express lanes have gone up for tall vehicles to three times that of the standard rate. This is for all vehicles 7 feet and taller. It means, for instance, that a toll costing $5 now costs 15 bucks for taller trucks SUVs and work vans, cars under 7 feet, buses, and HOV three plus vehicles, even tall ones will not be affected by the increased price. The new rate applies to all Virginia express lanes on four 95, 95 and three 95. Sandy cosell WTO news Prince William county supervisor Pete cand has announced he's stepping down. This comes after controversy about his role in the controversial PW digital gateway data center project. A project that he was barred from voting on after he signed on to a deal to sell his land to make way for it. Since then, Kim Lin is faced a recall petition, and even a lawsuit from someone who claimed he violated constitutional rights by removing their comments from his Facebook page. Cam Lin says he made the decision to step down after a Commonwealth's attorney Amy ashworth delivered an opinion that would make him sit out on the vote on the upcoming 2040 comprehensive plan, which deals with the county's future growth. Students at Georgetown university protested this weekend after an alleged hate crime. That's Hannah Giles talking with NBC four. She says last April, a white student targeted black people, yelling, they all need to die from a dorm room window. Giles filed a complaint but feels little has been done in response, dozens of students joined her in protest against Georgetown. We're all hoyas here. We're

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